Art Basel MB, presented by LABOR

LABOR, Mexico City

December 3, 2010

Art Positions
Stand P14

For Art Positions, LABOR presents Crisis de credibilidad (Credibility crisis), a sculpture by Hector Zamora (1974, Mexico City). By materializing a wind rose made of fabric and fans, consisting of the four cardinal directions, and twelve further divisions, Zamora continues to explore his interest in air, playing on the visibility/invisibility of its geometries, as he had already done in pieces such as Sensível Perturvação (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008), Volatile Topographies (Pusan, South Korea, 2006) and Pneu (Garash, Mexico City, 2003).

In this piece, the sound coming out of the fans and the movement of the fabric are the way the air is viewable and experienced by the audience. The piece proposes all these directions as possibilities without suggesting that one is better than another. “Crisis de credibilidad“, which sounds like a familiar headline, seems to be one that does not spare any part of society: governments, stock markets, religious institutions, media… The wind rose is thus taken as a metaphor for this pressure one can feel about the new / better / opposite directions in which we are pushed to take part while being lost in the numerous appealing proposals that are made available to us.