Cristina Lucas at Art Basel Miami

Galería Juana de Aizpuru

December 2, 2010

Cristina Lucas

At Art Basel Miami
Booth 103

Cristina Lucas (1973, Jaen) is interested in power mechanisms. She builds her work from deep analysis of the main politic structures such as the State or Religion, which are dissected by the artist in order to make existing contradictions between official stories, real history and collective memory, appear.

This analysis sometimes takes shape of a tragic comedy, showing that, in some cases, irony is the only mean art has to be politically efficient.

Her work also focuses in other fields: social convention and personal behaviour analysis, which she considers as the first micro-politic expression.

She works with video (More Light, 2003; My Struggle, 2004), installations (Pantone, 2007), performances, photography, paintings, 3D animation (The Axis of Evil, 2003).

She has participated in Istanbul Biennial 2007 and Sao Paulo Biennial 2008. She has exhibited in several museums, between them, Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (Madrid) during 2009.

Her work is included in several Museums’ Collections. For instance, the video Pantone was acquired by Pompidou Museum in 2008

The video “La libertée Raisonée” is inspired in the painting by Delacroix “La liberté guidant le people“. Lucas makes this scene come alive through real characters, and in so doing, tells the probable end of the scene that Delacroix imagined, that in this case is an ending in which “La libertée” dies under the attack of those following her.

Galeria Juana de Aizpuru
c/ Barquillo 44, Madrid, Spain