Onomatopee, Eindhoven / The Netherlands

October 11, 2010

Onomatopee Dutch Design Week
23-31 October 2010

Two spaces, separated by 50 meters of public space:

Onomatopee project space
Bleekstraat 23

Onomatopee next-door
Bleekweg, entrance C

5611 VB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
info [​at​]

Four exhibitions, five curators, six book launches, one Onomatopub, one Onomatoshop, an army of designers, artists and more!

Onomatopee 52
Pre-Specifics: Access X!
Research project

Get access to the “X” imposed by designed culture!

Not only humankind might have an “X” Factor; an environment or a product may equally have one. If a person has an “X” Factor, his power increases. Similarly, as soon as an environment or a product has an “X” Factor, it gains control over us… Let’s make this production more accessible!

PRE-SPECIFICS: ACCESS X! not only showcases luring products, spaces and concepts by contemporary artists, designers, architects and others, but actually also provides insight into their strategies. The exhibition thus features both sensory works and accountable strategies and motivations. The accompanying publication offers further notions into designed culture’s X: its productive conditions and modes of mediation.

Platform for Pedagogy (US)
Uglycute (SE)
Olaf Nicolai (DE)
Dexter Sinister (US)
Joana Meroz / Andrea Bandoni / Saron Paz (NL)
Unfold (BE)
Metahaven (NL)
Lust (NL)
Claire Fontaine (FR)
Société Réaliste (FR)
Ryan Gander / Åbäke (UK/FR)
Dave Hullfish Bailey (US)
Support Structure (UK)
Florian Conradi / Michelle Christensen (DE)

Curators: Freek Lomme (NL) and Michael Capio (US)
Graphic design publication by Eric de Haas (NL)
Exhibition design: Dave Keune (NL)

Onomatopee 50.2
Nest #3: Lucas Maassen
Conceivably, the object is what it seems.
Key to the work of Lucas Maassen is a process of validation through perception. To what extent are aspects of scale and matter fundamental to determine and pronounce typological objects? In a highly playful manner, Maassen manipulates the parameters of conceiving objects; deriving from recognisable functionality into a fictional realm of attributed economic value as limited or as matter, both effectively qualitative realities, he qualitatively measures these up to apparent conditions of the imaginary.

Onomatopee 58
Kapital G: facing the good.
Research project
How to cultivate commercial attitudes?
During Dutch Design Week:
Public studio set to face the good.

Kapital G releases the ‘good’ progressively via applied autonomy and radically proceeds where the status quo secures itself. Therefore Onomatopee sends out the open call, mobilising forces of international cultural producers, to gain insight into the possibilities to engage with the promises of a commercial good, leaving us with a manual to comprehend the mediation of commercial goods.

Curators: Freek Lomme, Eric de Haas and Hugo Naber
Graphic design publication: Eric de Haas and Hugo Naber

Onomatopee 55
Field Essays
Research project
The design process unveiled.

A new series of journals about the dynamics of design processes, curated by Sophie Krier, first issue on LucyandBart. Field Essays maps the work and the motives of innovative design practices and engages them with the ideas of contemporary thinkers. Field Essays works in a practical manner, by acting as a critical and reflective backdrop to the production of new work.

Upcoming / post-Dutch Design Week program
5 November – 20 December

Onomatopee 44: Cabinet #4
Nathaniel Mellors
Curated by Xander Karskens
Graphic design publication by Remco van Bladel
In collaboration with Museum De Hallen, Haarlem

Onomatopee 49: Cabinet #5
between forms of representation and interpretation
Andres Ramirez Gaviria
Within the framework of Glow, forum of light in art and architecture
Curated by Freek Lomme
Graphic design publication by Eric de Haas and Remco van Bladel

Onomatopee 50.3
Nest #4
38 under par and 11 holes-in-one
Erwin Thomasse
Curated by Freek Lomme
Graphic design publication by Raw Color

Sat. 23, 12:30-21:00
Sun. 24, 12:30-20:00
Mon. 25, 12:30-20:00
Tue. 26, 12:30-20:00
Wed. 27, 12:30-20:00
Thu. 28, 12:30-21:00
Fri. 29, 12:30-21:00
Sat. 30, 12:30-21:00
Sun. 31, 12:30-19:00