Installation and symposium: Panels

NAIM / Bureau Europa

October 8, 2010

Installation and symposium
Panels. An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public

NAiM/Bureau Europa
Avenue Céramique 226
6221 KX Maastricht
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00-17.00

From 12 September to 16 January the installation entitled Panels by artist Paul Devens can be experienced, viewed and heard in NAiM/Bureau Europa. The installation occupies the whole upper hall of 800 m2 with a very specific architecture consisting of a semicircular concrete shell roof. The work by Paul Devens offers an intensified architectonic experience in which sound and light play a major role.

Unique symposium
The Panels installation by Paul Devens will create exceptional conditions for a symposium and a series of performances on space and sound. At Devens’s request, a number of artists, theorists and architects will give lectures and performances at the heart of this installation. The symposium will cover topics such as the relationship between sound, image and architectonic space, which was initiated with the Philips Pavilion for the World Expo in 1958. For the realization of this Pavilion, the architect Le Corbusier collaborated with the architect/composer Iannis Xenakis and the composer Edgar Varése, who wrote the notorious Poème Électronique especially for this occasion.

Programme Friday 13.00-18.00
The public, the sonic and the spatial

12.30 Reception
13.00 Word of welcome by Guus Beumer and Paul Devens

Karin Bijsterveld (NL)
Historian and Professor of Science, Technology and Modern Culture at the University of Maastricht
Eran Sachs (IL/DE)
Curator, sound artist and composer
Emre Erkal (TR)
Architect and sound artist
Wim Langenhoff (NL)
Chemist, musician and founder of The New Electric Chamber Music
Brandon Labelle (DE/US)
Artist, composer and writer

Programme Friday 20.30-23.00
Concerts in Panels

Brandon Labelle
Eran Sachs

Programme Saturday 13.00-18.00
The spatial, the public and the sonic

Raviv Ganchrow (NL/IL)
Architect and sound artist
Basak Senova (TR)
Curator, writer and designer
Justin Bennett (NL/VK)
Sound artist and composer
Esther Venrooy (NL)
Sound artist and composer
Kees Tazelaar (NL)
Composer and head of the Institute for Sonology in The Hague
Janek Schaeffer (GB)
Sound artist, musician and composer

Programme Saturday 20.30-0.00
Concerts in Panels

Janek Schaeffer
Esther Venrooy
BMB con (Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus)

Chairman Armeno Alberts
The symposium is chaired by Armeno Alberts

Intro in situ, a workplace and production house for present-day music in Maastricht is a partner of this project.

It is possible to enroll for the symposium via until Tuesday 26 October.

NAiM/Bureau Europa
Avenue Céramique 226
6221 KX Maastricht
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00-17.00

Image above:
Design by Experimental Jetset.