At Art Forum Berlin

Mehdi Chouakri

October 5, 2010

Art Forum Berlin
7-10 October 2010

Hall 20, Booth 133
Berlin, Germany

At this year’s ART FORUM BERLIN (Hall 20, Booth 133) Mehdi Chouakri presents a selection of works by its artists, some being shown for the first time. Pieces by John M Armleder, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Sylvie Fleury, Isabell Heimerdinger, Mathieu Mercier, Gerold Miller, Charlotte Posenenske, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Peter Roehr, Gitte Schäfer, Rob Scholte, Vincent Szarek and Luca Trevisani will be on display.

A free-standing grid sculpture by Gerwald Rockenschaub marks the foreground of the presentation. The minimalist form stands in contrast to Hans-Peter Feldmann’s Plaster Head with Mask, a Caracalla bust with a scary mask from the teen horror film Scream coupled with an old telephone. Next to it, Luca Trevisani’s ceramic sculpture Territorial Pissing arranges itself in the form of a glistening staircase. The work was made during Trevisani’s residence at Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza 2009. These works are surrounded by a large-scale abstract painting by John M Armleder from his work group Puddle Paintings (Panarea, 2008), which stands in opposition to a new wall object by Gerold Miller (total object 245, 2010) and the waterblue neon slogan SOOTHE, 2008 by Sylvie Fleury, which alludes to a beauty product by Prada. Charlotte Posenenske’s Reliefs B Series in black and red pose a formalist antithesis. Isabell Heimerdinger’s photo work Hidden Location III is based on her most recent film Good Friends, which was shot in Beijing in January. The photos depicting views of Chinese restaurants will be hung individually across the booth. Gitte Schäfer’s presentation on the exterior booth wall features a selection of new and older works, objects and drawings. Another highlight is our cabinet: Works on paper by Mathieu Mercier, Peter Roehr, Gerwald Rockenschaub and others, as well as a white gold-plated sculpture by Saâdane Afif (Monuments, 2009).

In our gallery spaces at the Edison Höfe we are presenting the group show Absolute Beginnings with exceptional works by John M Armleder, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Gerold Miller, Charlotte Posenenske, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Peter Roehr. Please note our extended opening hours from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. during the fair. The gallery is only accessible through the address Schlegelstrasse 26.