Güçlü Öztekin: kAPLANKADİLAk

Rampa Istanbul

September 22, 2010

Güçlü Öztekin:

18 September – 23 October 2010

Şair Nedim Caddesi No: 21A
Akaretler 34357 Beşiktaş
Istanbul, Turkey
T + 90 212 327 08 00
F + 90 212 327 08 01
Open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday between 11:00-19:00.
Closed on Sunday and Monday.


Güçlü Öztekin’s exhibition ‘kAPLANKADİLAk –He was a nasty man but he washed his hands obsessively’ will be open to visitors at RAMPA starting September 18, 2010.

Between September 18 – October 23, Rampa will be hosting Güçlü Öztekin’s 4th personal exhibition titled ‘kAPLANKADİLAk – He was a nasty man but he washed his hands obsessively.’ The exhibition will also be the second exhibition at Istanbul’s new art venue, Rampa.

The artist presents his work done in acrylic or mixed technique on paper by re-processing them at the gallery space. For kAPLANKADİLAk, Öztekin employs the exhibition venue as a performative area. According to the artist, an artwork is in its crude form until it is exhibited; in order to acquire its full effect at an exhibition, the work must be re-processed. This process will take place during the month of preparation he will spend at the gallery.

The artist constructs the space itself while working on the exhibition space, applying onto the walls the same force he applies onto paper. In this sense, the physical space also constitutes his material.

Güçlü Öztekin was born in 1978, in Eskişehir. Since graduating from the Department of Painting at Mimar Sinan University, he has been appearing in the contemporary art scene through a variety of personal and group exhibitions.

For information and visuals: Tankut Aykut, taykut [​at​] rampaistanbul.com

*Image above:
Courtesy of the artist and Rampa.