DC Open 2010 – Legendary Contemporary

Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galleries

August 16, 2010

DC Open 2010 –
Legendary Contemporary

Joint Gallery Opening in Düsseldorf and Cologne

Friday, 3 September 2010, 6 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, 4 September 2010, noon – 7 pm
Sunday 5 September 2010, noon – 4 pm

After the successful premiere of DC Open in 2009, the joint gallery weekend, hosted by the cities on the Rhine—Düsseldorf and Cologne—will take place in September 2010.

Sixty-nine galleries from Cologne and Düsseldorf will be participating in DC Open 2010 this year; the roster of artists this year includes both established names as well as younger, emerging positions. You can find the list of galleries and artists involved in DC Open 2010 in the enclosed documentation.

Commitment to the Rhine region, its history, its cultural roots, as well as its many and diverse options for the future, form the kernel of this joint event. Such is the traditional artistic heritage of the Rhineland, the legendary status of its artists, the diversity of its galleries, the international renown of its art museums, as well as the dedication and engagement of its collectors—the slogan for this year, “Legendary Contemporary”, succinctly encapsulating this privileged position.

The gallery tours will take place simultaneously in both cities throughout the entire weekend (3 – 5 September 2010). The tried and tested shuttle between Cologne and Düsseldorf will be in operation this year as well. Detailed information, reviews, and site maps—both in print format and online—are available for optimal orientation throughout the event. For further information: www.dc-open.de

Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art
Beck & Eggeling new quarters
Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer
Cosar HMT
Konrad Fischer Galerie
Galerie Thomas Flor
Galerie Wolfgang Gmyrek
Galerie Viktor Grray
Anna Klinkhammer Galerie
Galerie Ruth Leuchter
Galerie Hans Mayer
Galerie Nicols
Galerie Ute Parduhn
Galerie Rupert Pfab
Petra Rinck Galerie
Felix Ringel Galerie
Ruzicska /// Weiss
Schönewald Fine Arts
Schuebbe Projects
Galerie Clara Maria Sels
Sies + Höke Galerie
Galerie Springmann
TZR Galerie Kai Brückner
Galerie Ursula Walbröl

100 kubik – Raum für spanische Kunst
ads 1a: Galerie Vera Gliem
ads 1a: Galerie Hammelehle und Ahrens
Gabrielle Ammann // Gallery
Art Galerie 7
Baukunst Galerie
Galerie Klaus Benden
Galerie Boisserée
Sebastian Brandl
Galerie Daniel Buchholz
Galerie Gisela Capitain
Galerie Charlotte Desaga
DREI Raum für Gegenwartskunst
Fiebach & Minninger
Figge von Rosen Galerie
Galerie Julia Garnatz
Galerie Karsten Greve
Galerie Heinz Holtmann
Galerie Jones
Kewenig Galerie
Galerie Werner Klein
Krupic Kersting Galerie // KUK
Kudlek Van der Grinten Galerie
Galerie Christian Lethert
Linn Lühn
Hubertus Melsheimer Kunsthandel
Galerie Ulrich Mueller
Galerie Christian Nagel
Galerie Priska Pasquer
Thomas Rehbein Galerie
Galerie Stefan Röpke
Galerie Schmidt Maczollek
Temporary Gallery Cologne
Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie
Galerie Warhus Rittershaus
Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer
Galerie Eva Winkeler
Galerie Susanne Zander
Galerie Thomas Zander