Flash Art International No. 273 out now

Flash Art International

July 1, 2010

Flash Art International
Issue No. 273

Summer Issue 2010


Flash Art is out with three covers by Franz West, Rachel Harrison and Paul McCarthy.

The news section’s highlights are: “Shanghai and the world expo”: Biljana Ciric’s view on the city’s parallel events and art community; an interview with Massimiliano Gioni on “Ultimate Images: the 2010 Gwangju Biennale”; Natalie King’s report on “The 17th Biennale of Sydney;” and Jelle Bouwhuis on the Dak’ Art biennial.

The core of Flash Art‘s summer issue is an in-depth look at the Austrian art scene, from internationally acclaimed figures and institutions to emerging players and practices.

Diana Baldon discusses the country’s contemporary Zeitgeist with an emphasis on Vienna in a presentation enriched by a special project from the artist collective Gelitin.

Austrian master Franz West replies to questions posed by, among others, Alison Gingeras, Paola Pivi, Rachel Harrison, Christopher Wool, Erik van Lieshout, Rainer Ganahl, Darsie Alexander, Gelitin, Almine Rech, Christian Meyer and Tom Eccles: a collection of artists, curators, gallerists and collectors who have been following his work with passion.

MUMOK’s Director and Curator of exhibitions Rainer Fuchs interviews Brigitte Kowanz, whose practice “has linked painting and color to the phenomenon of artificial light.”

Francesca von Habsburg, founder of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, discusses the institution’s mission and program as well as Austria’s historical relationship with ‘Central’ and ‘Eastern’ European regions in an interview conducted by Flash Art International news editor Alexander Ferrando.

For Fresh Start, Gea Politi interviews German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm about growing up in the Black Forest, becoming a professor at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna) and being a weirdo.

Completing the magazine’s focus on the cultural landscape of Austria are four “Brand New” artists: Verena Dengler interviewed by Will Benedict; Nick Oberthaler interviewed by Joanna Fiduccia; Ursula Mayer interviewed by Annette Amberg; and Nadim Vardag interviewed by Dominikus Müller. Additional “brand new” artists are: Volkan Aslan interviewed by Nancy Atakan and Karin Hueber interviewed by Michele Robecchi.

Stepping away from Austria, the issue also features:

Sam Pulitzer on Rachel Harrison‘s critical oeuvre, where “museological distinctions like ‘sculpture,’ ‘readymade’ and ‘kitsch’ are disclosed as noisy special effects that are key to the market appeal of contemporary art.”

“Rum, Sodomy and the Lush. The Incredible adventures of Paul McCarthy and his Motley Crew,” written by Massimiliano Gioni on Paul McCarthy‘ s Pig Island: “…a Merzebau […] a dream factory, Santa’s workshop, Willi Wonka’s lab […] a carnival float, an allegorical pageant…” (currently on view at the Trussardi Foundation, Milan.)

An essay on German artist Eva Hesse by João Ribas and Laura Fried that focuses on the artist’s early years and interest in the realm of painting.

Damien Hirst‘s reflections on death and money, specialized vs. general audiences, the museum as a setting for contemporary art exhibitions and more in an interview by Michele Robecchi.

Czech master Jan Merta interviewed by his young disciple Daniel Pitín about his work as well as the state of painting in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.

Part two of our PR Agencies Survey, this time introducing Reiber + Partners ltd.; Fitz & Co.; Red Art Projects; Stacy Bolton Communications; Blake Zidell & Associates; and Susan Grant Lewin Associates.

This issue’s “spotlight” and “global art” are respectively dedicated to Maurizio Cattelan‘s exhibition “Is There Life Before Death” at the Menil Collection in Houston and to the delicate, provocatively intrusive wooden structures of Tadashi Kawamata at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

This issue’s reviews include:
Pádraig Timoney; Alberto Tadiello; Knock knock Who’s There? That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore; Amy Bessone; Mateo Tannatt, Rowan Wood; Wild Is The Wind; Nairy Baghramian and Phyllida Barlow; Donald Urquhart; Ged Quinn; Lothar Hempel; Sandro Chia; Mathew Hale; Rirkrit Tiravanija; Jiří Kovanda; Lapsed Cinematic; Nicolas Provost; While Bodies Get Mirrored; Xerxes Ach & Silvia Gertsch; He Sen; Adriana Jebeleanu; Wystawa; Joana Vasconcelos; Categorical Imperatives.

*Franz West, Sexualitätssymbol, 2000. Aluminium lacquered, 400 x 75 x 75 / 275 x 205 x 60 cm. Installation view at Schlosspark Ambras, Innsbruck, 2000. Courtesy Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck.

Rachel Harrison, I’m with Stupid, 2007. Mixed media, 165 x 79 x 61 cm. Courtesy Greene Naftali, New York. Photo: Jean Vong.

Paul McCarthy, Static (Pink), 2004-2009. Silicone, stainless steel, 271 x 164 x 324 cm. Private collection. Installation view of Pig Island, Nicola Trussardi Foundation. Photo: Marco De Scalzi. Courtesy Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Milan.