Tim Van Laere Gallery presents Faris McReynolds

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp / Belgium

March 8, 2010

Faris McReynolds
Toxic Mimics

11 March – 24 April 2010

Tim Van Laere Gallery
Verlatstraat 23-25
2000 Antwerp – Belgium
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Tim Van Laere Gallery is proud to announce its exhibition with Faris McReynolds (*1977, Dallas,Texas, lives and works in Los Angeles,California.).
This is the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery.

Faris McReynolds states the following about his work:

My work comes from the desire to find a balance between something that is staged and intuitive, original and reproduced, familiar and unexpected, digital and analog, comic and tragic. These are images where individual personality is paired with the anonymity of a crowd. They are like public memories, appropriated from images that were created for the purpose of telling a story, but once disconnected, tell a larger story about a self-congratulating American culture.

Toxic Mimics is a show about substituted experience. Found images stand in for what’s in my mind, and painting stands in for any real experience of that image. People are staging events for the camera, in this case the camera is a painting. People are getting lost in a moment, as the image falls apart when filtered through my perspective. These are paintings of leisure, of people coming together. My interest in group portraiture extends to portraits of class fantasies. Snapshots of a fleeting world somewhere between pleasant dreams and abject reality. Embracing Impressionism as an early attempt of Western perspective to break from reality, and as the art of the middle class. The blurred distance of desire before technology.

Image above:
Faris McReynolds
Lithium, 2010
Oil on canvas
76×66 cm
Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp