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Flash Art International

March 2, 2010

Flash Art International No.271
March April 2010


Flash Art is out with three covers by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Annette Kelm and Sterling Ruby.

The news section features: Rajesh Punj’s “Indian Spring Season” (UK); Michele Robecchis’s “Dominó Caníbal: A Fight in Seven Rounds” (Murcia, Spain); “Asia Pacific Triennial: That’s Entertainment” (Brisbane, Queensland) by Natalie King; “The Imaginary Museum” (N.Y.) by Gea Politi; “Ropac’s New Halle,” interview with Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg); “L&M Goes West,” interview with Sarah Watson (L.A.); Marie De Brugerolle’s “Elena Filipovic: A Sensitive response” (Brussels); Andrzej Lawn’s “Western? Just The Packaging” (N.Y.); “Abandoned Masterpieces” (Yucatán, Mexico) for which Mandla Reuter and Chris Sharp exceptionally take on the roles of reporters; and New York-based artist Charles Gute’s Special Project Gold Standard.

“My mirror paintings are the point where an image touched its abstraction […] It creates and is created in the very instant that it is consumed, because the movement of things is in the world.” 30 years after this statement by the artist, Giancarlo Politi and Helena Kontova discuss the latest developments of his practice in “Michelangelo Pistoletto: Inside and outside the mirror.”

In “Annette Kelm: a Precise, Wideranging ScavengerLisa Oppenheim discusses how the artist’s photographic series transform the everyday into the unheimlich, the un-homely, that which “bares a resemblance to the familiar but at the same time creates a kind of discomfort based on the anxiety of its difference.”

In the interview by João RibasSterling Ruby: Sincerely Hostile” the artist talks about how, forgetting the basics and rules of college, his work became a place where formalism and representation could coexist, and about how the hostile element of his work can easily get its sincerity overlooked.

From the assumption that “curators act like artists and shows function like complex works of art wherein the original artwork is ‘re-signified’ ” in “The Art of Curating: a Constellation of Artist-Curated ExhibitionsNicola Trezzi analyzes how the ‘curatorial’ has become part of contemporary artists’ practices.

From artists engaged in curatorial efforts to artists voting on their favorite curators. In this issue Flash Art presents “A Hundred and One Curators.

Following recent two-person shows that saw the artists working very closely “Aaron Curry and Thomas Houseago: Standing Figures” sees the L.A.-based artists in a conversation that confronts their backgrounds, interests and aims.

In “Oscar Tuazon: Formal Concerns, Utopian Concepts” Sonia Campagnola talks about the most compelling works by the artist, discussing an artistic effort which is “simultaneously realistic and idealistic.”

In “Justin Mortimer: This Could Be Home,” Jane Neal focuses on the imagery of war that permeates the latest series of paintings by the English artist.

“The Conceptually critical approach to art making” by South African artist Mandla Reuter is discussed by Adam Carr in “Mandla Reuter: Revitalizing, Rearticulating, Rethinking.”

This issue Brand New presents: Idris Khan by Catherine Borra; Reto pulfer by Annette Amberg; Los Carpinteros by Merrily Kerr; Michael Cline by Nikola Cernetic; Jonathan Baldock by Francesco Scasciamacchia; Einat Amir by Virginie Bobin; Alexandre Singh by Yulia Tikhonova; Agnieszka Brzezanska by Lidia Krawczyk; Sriwhana Spong by Danae Mossman; Amie Dicke by Anat Ebgi.

The exhibition under Nicola Trezzi‘s Spotlight is “Camouflage” by Ian Hamilton Finally, Global Art is dedicated to “Pawel Althamer’s Common Task” introduced by Michele Robecchi.

Reviews: Walid Raad; Kaari Upson; Primary Atmospheres; Barbara T. Smith; Glenn Ligon; Art & Language; Jacob Dahl Jürgensen; Thomas Zipp; Isa Genzken; Wall And Floor; Personne; Tatiana Trouvé; Mexico: Expected/Unexpected; Rinko Kawauchi; Jörg Immendorff; Irina Botea; Calling All The Stations; Blue Noses; Pak Sheung Chuen; Nao Kaneko.

Flash Reviews: Stanley Whitney; The Bruce High Quality Foundation University; Kristen Morgin; Noahh Davis; Uriel Orlow; Ryan Mosley; Ben Cottrell; Maurizio Nannucci; Gert & Uwe Tobias; Christiana Soulou; Ali Kazma; Tawan Wattuya.