Galerie Hilger contemporary presents Daniele Buetti 12 November, 2009

Galerie Ernst Hilger

November 10, 2009

Daniele Buetti, “Hey! Mom! Mom!”

12 November – 19 December 2009

Galerie Hilger contemporary
1010 Vienna, Austria
Dorotheergasse 5
T: +43-1-512 53 15
F: +43-1-513 91 26
ernst.hilger [​at​]

Opening: Thursday, 12 November 2009, 7.30 p.m.

In the exhibition “Hey! Mom! Mom!”, the lower level of the Galerie Hilger contemporary, with its sterile white cube character, becomes transformed by the artist Daniele Buetti into a street-art setting . The atmosphere that is thereby achieved reminds one more so of Berlin off-spaces or of the meatpacking district in New York rather than the rooms of a Viennese Gallery, making the production of this installation stand out all the more. The changing of the weather has left its mark on the wall with a mixture of colour, water and dirt. The proverbs, “Too much practice is like too much sugar” and “Fuck you” of various sizes and colours cover the surface. The particularity of the writing, that reminds one of graffiti, emerges through the perforations in the wall. Through the backlighting shines light (an alluring and seemingly magical Medium) through the holes, thereby enhancing the potency of the phrases. In principal it is the same system as with Daniele Buetti’s aesthetically corresponding light-boxes (full details to follow). The texts are scribbled, as typically done with graffiti, only they appear to be precious pearl necklaces due to the translucent light. The observer is directly addressed and confronted with an ambivalent emotional state – appalled or fascinated? Turbid water-based paint on the floor. Buetti’s light-boxes are found on the upper level of the Galerie Hilger contemporary where perforated photographs of female models can be seen. In their immaculate beauty the women comply with the contemporary ideal of beauty and are reduced to silent projection surfaces for the wishes and longings of our time. Simultaneously the pinholes, arranged to texts and ornaments, bestow upon them a voice, which with the light shining through the perforations, awakens Buetti’s models to life. They call upon a feeling of urgency in the observer and confront them with existential questions.

For further information please contact the gallery: ernst.Hilger [​at​]