LABOR Inaugural Show | Mexico City | November 7

LABOR, Mexico City

November 6, 2009

LABOR opens:
Saturday, November 7, 2009, 5-8 p.m.

Colima 55
Colonia Roma
06700, Mexico City

LABOR, a contemporary art gallery located in Mexico City, presents its inaugural exhibition, “Labor, Labor. 7 | 11 | 2009″, a group show by the gallery artists:

Erick Beltrán
Etienne Chambaud
Santiago Cucullu
Irene Kopelman
Teresa Margolles
Pedro Reyes
Jorge Satorre
Pablo Vargas Lugo
Héctor Zamora

LABOR was conceived with the following basic commitments:

LABOR emerges out of the desire to reinvigorate artistic and cultural development in Mexico City, producing work that reflects the multiple relationships between art and life.

LABOR assumes the form of a contemporary art gallery, yet it breaks from archetypal notions of what a commercial gallery should be. It seeks to distance itself from the sphere of consumption and artistic hedonism, with the goal of strengthening a sustainable cultural economy that upholds the essence of contemporary artistic labor.

LABOR represents artists who create critical projects that question and/or reflect our present circumstances, and whose work has a rigorous conceptual foundation. It is committed to showing the unique way that artists see the world, with exhibits that provide, above all else, a life experience.

LABOR also exhibits the work of artists who are not commercially represented by the gallery, but who have nevertheless produced a body of work of seminal importance to contemporary art.

With this as a base, LABOR strives to nurture the market with strategies and tools that will encourage the formation of new collectors and active publics. It will re-circulate a percentage of the income from the gallery’s commercial practice into an active program of residencies and sponsorships for exhibits and artistic projects.

The gallery will feature an open library and a constant program of parallel activities (workshops, lectures, conferences and film screenings) and will produce a range of collectible printed material, to function as physical traces of the importance of artistic labor.

Eventually, these practices will benefit those individuals and agents who operate within the art system: artists, institutions, critics, publications, curators, museums, collectors and galleries.

For more information:
T: (+52)(55) 5208.5579
E: info [​at​]