T.I.C.A.B – Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual presents The Symbolic Efficiency of the Frame

T.I.C.A.B – Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual

October 2, 2009

The Symbolic Efficiency of the Frame
T.I.C.A.B – Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual

September 18 – October 22, 2009

Opening of the 3rd Episode and the Grand Inauguration of the Biennual, Friday, 2nd October, 7pm at Hotel Dajti, Blvd. Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana, Albania


The Tirana International Contemporary Art Biennual T.I.C.A.B. opens its third episode, curated by Corinne Diserens, on Friday October 2nd 2009. With the participation of more than 60 artists and five curators, the 4th Edition of T.I.C.A.B was built up in three episodes, opening consecutively one after the other and gradually growing together into a larger exhibition.

Borrowing on the notion of The Symbolic Efficiency of the Frame, this edition of T.I.C.A.B will contribute to the exploration of the complex nature and appearance of “reality”. Independently of perspective or methodology employed – be it scientific, aesthetic, or philosophical – what interest us are the gaps that manifest themselves in this constantly shifting process of perception. As a physical departure point, informing our endeavor, T.I.C.A.B uses as main venue Hotel Dajti, once-upon-a-time the most grandiose hotel of Albania. Built by fascist Italy in the late 30s and during the communist past only open to foreigners, it currently lies looted in the middle of the city. With its many layers of history it offers a symbolical frame for such an artistic happening.

Artists inivited to third Episode:

Francis Alys / Jérôme Bel / Sandra Boeschenstein / Vincenzo Castella and Multiplicity/ Tacita Dean / Marta Dell’Angelo / Peter Friedl / Sugar Jar / Amar Kanwar / Elena Kovylina / Pierre Leguillon / Latifa Laâbissi / David Maljkovic / Aernout Mik / Santu Mofokeng / Jean-Luc Moulène / Anri Sala / Alexander Schellow / Rosemarie Trockel / Luca Vitone / Paola Yacoub.

Opening Day Performance:
Anri Sala, “A Spurious Emission”, October 2nd, 8:00 pm

Artists invited to first Episode curated by Joa Ljungberg and Edi Muka

Franz Ackermann / Silva Agostini / Jane Alexander / Yael Bartana / Kimberly Clark / Gazmend Ejupi / Cao Fei / Yang Fudong / Shilpa Gupta / Ardian Isufi / Tala Madani / Jun Ngyuen-Hatsushiba / Thomas Hirschhorn / Adam Leech / Ursula Mayer / Oskar Mörnerud / Erik Olofsen / Adrian Paci / Anila Rubiku / Alexander Vaindorf.

Artists invited for the second Episode curated by STEALTH.ultd (Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelen)

Alterazioni Video / Laurence Bonvin / Co-plan / Deadmalls.com / Detroit Unreal Estate / Elemental / El Puente_Lab and Jenny Giraldo / Estudio Teddy Cruz / Bojan Fajfric / Louize Ganz and Ines Linke / Interboro / Isola Art Centre and The Office for Urban Transformation / Kartun Development Group / MAP Office / Nebojsa Milikic / Ou Ning / Leonard Qylafi / Streetfilms. Episode 2 also includes Cities Log, Tirana Guide to Parallel Urban Realities and Tirana Dialogues.

Façades: In connection to its 4th edition, and in collaboration with Tirana Town Hall, T.I.C.A.B has embarked on a continuation of the famous façade project, inviting artists from different parts of the world to conceive new painted facades of former communist living blocks of Tirana. Artists: Tomma Abts / Franz Ackermann / Ann Edholm / Per Enoksson / Helidon Gjergji / Tala Madani/ Adrian Paci.