What’s wrong with collecting? Asks Independent Collectors.

Independent Collectors

February 23, 2009

Independent Collectors is the first
online community specifically designed
for collectors of contemporary art.


If you’re collecting contemporary art in countries like the USA, the UK or Germany, you have the feeling of being part of a large and vibrant scene. Try moving to Chile, Japan or … Lithuania. In those and many other countries, collecting contemporary art does not seem to be a very common hobby; or passion, if you prefer a more enthusiastic term.

Independent Collectors brings together collectors from all parts of the world, currently comprising almost 1,000 members from 53 nations. We asked those who come from rather underrepresented countries, where their fellow collectors were. The responses have been overwhelming and extraordinarily interesting. Some collectors even claim that with the two registered collectors from their country, we have achieved 100% market coverage.

If you always wanted to get to know and exchange information with collectors from “exotic” regions of the world, we’ve got some.

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Again: What exactly is wrong with collecting?

The reasons for the absence of collectors of contemporary art in some countries are just as manifold as the reasons for the existence of many in others. Be it the low value of anything “contemporary” or simply the lack of money – our members are shedding some light on the situation they are collecting in on the discussion forums at Independent Collectors.

Discussion forums

By the way, how is your gallery?

We continuously ask our members to characterize the galleries they’re dealing with, not only in the economic sense of the word. These ratings are analyzed on a regular basis and we have just published the second round of results. Who are the top-scorers in terms of “cutting-edged-ness,” “well-established-ness” or friendliness? Find out in the Independent Collectors Gallery Rating.

Gallery Rating

Independent Collectors was started in June 2008 by a small group of aspiring young collectors and has since expanded to encompass an international network of like-minded collectors and enthusiasts. It is free to join and our aim is to extend our community so that we, and you, will have a stronger pool of information and resources as we grow our collections.

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