Marc Rembold at Laleh June Galerie, Basel

Laleh June Galerie, Basel / Switzerland

November 24, 2008

December 2, 2008 – January 17, 2009

Opening: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picassoplatz 4
Basel 4052
[email protected]

Laleh June is pleased to announce Marc Rembold solo exhibition at Laleh June Galerie, Basel. The opening will be on December 2, 2008, and the exhibition continues through January 17, 2009.

Marc Rembold (b. 1963 in Zurich), longtime Paris-based, now lives and works in Basel. His favorite mode of expression is colour, changing colour, with a certain fascination for the self-perceived pop art kitsch, fashion, and pop and trance music. Since 1990s Rembold’s form of expression of human relationship in general has brought him to associate his work foremost to the changing societies’ habits, state of the climate and environment, and their effects on the individuals and public mode de vie, different forms of addictions, self-evidence, health and technology.

The artist responds to the context of change, and will present his narrative over the past few years to visualize a changing view over changed materials. Marc Rembold’s CHANGING includes new work from series “Light in Colour”, “Glamour”, “Liquids”, sculptures, and “Deja vue” objects; relativising société de valeur, witnessing a relationship between individual conscience and society. In CHANGING Rembold presents “Deja vue” objects, present-day mass-produced goods, as the individuals’ everyday manufactured objects.

The swiss born artist generating an essential light value in CHANGING while at the same time enables viewers’ perceptions to continually evolve. Not only they witness the banality beyond objects, but they also caught in the artist’s conceived common changing in our societies’ environment, and its climate. Rembold’s concentric manufactured symbols is also a reflection of our evolving conscience over the global warming, or a changing climate.

With relativising the light spectrum evident colours, the artist proposes his audience to approach consciously valeur en question of the global themes of a polarized over-consumerist environment. In the CHANGING’s space, based on our perception of colours, Marc Rembold provokes the viewer experience to imagine on essentials of our collective societies’ polemics. By visualizing how symbolised empowering a colour, red, on the light specterum could physicaly destroy and change another colour’s value, green.

The viewer is joined to a changing colour. But what has been a constant, is our percieved limits of change.

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