Nikolaus Moser at Galerie Ernst Hilger

Galerie Ernst Hilger

November 19, 2008

Nikolaus Moser
Dialog 1
06.11. – 4.12.08

Galerie Ernst Hilger
Dorotheergasse 5
A-1010 Vienna
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Nikolaus Moser has the capability of transposing emotions into images. The relationship of Nikolaus Moser to colour is vital and sensuous – many of his oil paintings are produced on the alpine pasture where he retreats every summer in order to draw from the full source of inspiration. Occasionally earth, stones and ash are mixed with the spattled-on oils, even lending the works the dimensions of sculpture. The beholder has to take time to see into the works. Some experiences are projected into the picture, which for its own part is able to respond to them. So the pictures do not convey a narrative or representative basic character. They call to be interpreted as a membrane, as matrix for further thought communication with the Other. The observer completes the picture for him- and herself, although the painter has himself declared it to be finished. (cit. Dieter Ronte, Bonn, October 2002).

Christian Ludwig Attersee on Nikolaus Moser: “(…) Nikolaus Moser can dispense with Picasso’s narrative art, Monet’s power of colour and Mondrian’s ruler. He plunges brush and spattle into the arable expanse of the painting like a ship ploughing the waves, time and time again releasing new objective associations.”

Nikolaus Moser
1956 born in Spittal/Drau
1981 University of Applied Arts, Vienna with Carl Unger
1996 Sandoz prizewinner

Galerie Ernst Hilger
A-1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 5

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