Boudoir – A Hint of Sensuality

LUMAS Editions Gallery New York

March 26, 2008

March 27 – June 10 2008

OPENING RECEPTION: March 27 2008, 6 – 8pm

LUMAS Editions Gallery New York
77 Wooster Street, 10012 New York, NY

Created by art collectors, brought to life by 120 renowned artists and promising talents from major academies, LUMAS is passionate about offering you original and inspiring art as affordable editions.

LUMAS Editions Gallery New York cordially invites you to the opening reception of Boudoir – A Hint of Sensuality on March 27 2008 at 6 – 8pm! The exbhition runs until June 10 2008 at 77 Wooster Street, SoHo.
We very much look forward to your visit!

LUMAS is pleased to present the exhibition Boudoir – A Hint of Sensuality whose title refers to the boudoir as the classical place of transformation through costume, and to the joyous sensuality reigning there. Hinted, hidden, or shown openly; narrating, concealing, and revealing at the same time; simultaneously staged and appearing natural; awakening associations without unmasking; pictorially and explicitly displaying and still insisting on the mysterious; evoking clarity in obscurity; stirring expectation and consciously leaving that expectation open; banishing sensuality and eroticism from the picture; or staging images as implied stories.

The artistic departure of the photographers in this exhibition approaches the theme of the erotic depiction of imagined reality from very different views. And yet one aspect connects them all: the notion of the ornamental, playful, erotic, and baroque. The photos in this exhibition are relevant today as they tell of our desire to dream, during the day and at night.

Boudoir – A Hint of Sensuality features works by Michel Comte, Lilya Corneli, GABO, Billy & Hells, Andreas Kock, Floriane de Lassée, Jens Nagels, Jacques Olivar, and Howard Schatz.

LUMAS has created a new space for art, which offers new collectors and all art-lovers a diverse selection of works by some 120 established artists and promising newcomers. More than 940 works are available as original photographs in editions of 75 to 150, signed by the artist. LUMAS’s goal is to make top-class, museum-quality art photographs affordable for everyone.

Thanks to close, ongoing cooperation with the artists, a curatorial committee, and its outstanding production partners, LUMAS enjoys a unique position worldwide in the field of editions. LUMAS is simultaneously publisher and reputable dealer. By doing all work in house, LUMAS is able to maintain a high level of artistic and technical standards, offer exclusive works, and provide expert customer advice. LUMAS is a new place where one-of-a-kind photographic and digital art can easily be discovered, experienced, and bought.

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