ERRO at artparis 2008

Galerie Ernst Hilger

March 24, 2008

ERRO at artparis 2008
Galerie Ernst Hilger at
Booth G 10

April 3 – 7 , 2008
Grand Palais – Avenue Winston Churchill 75 008 Paris
Daily from 11 am to 9 pm

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ERRO is inextricably linked with the terms Pop Art and Figuration Narrative. For him, painting is the “pleasure to contradict and provoke”. Erró, who rose to international acclaim thanks to exhibitions in Malmö, New York, Kiev, and Havana, and who is deemed one of the key artists of his generation as well as a veritable role model, pushes his hedonistic visual language to its very limits. His epic pictorial idiom is exuberantly diverse, and viewers find it virtually impossible to grasp it at first glance. Erró’s art merges the turbulent, radical, eccentric, and revolutionary 1960s with the skeptical, distrustful, and media-focused 1990s. His intention is to unveil the visual and pictorial manipulation prevailing in our modern societies of affluence, the imposed force to consume, as well as ideological repression promoted by political and business leaders. The power of images that visualizes and testifies to the embodied myths of capitalist societies is harnessed by Erró to disclose pictorial clichés as well as the blind and superficial naiveté of consumers.

Erró’s oeuvre, in its complex pictorial structures, exudes skepticism, irony, and humor. His archives include a cornucopia of reports, posters, comics, and news items propagated by mass media. All of them bear witness to their time and allude to art and power, beauty and violence, as well as history.

With his pictures, Erró has changed the way art is viewed–particularly with regards to the definition of art’s function. His art takes an active part in critical and analytical social reform processes.

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