at Pulse Miami 06

Galerie Ernst Hilger

November 20, 2006

Galerie Ernst Hilger at


Contemporary Art Fair, Booth 205

Thurs, Dec 7 –Sun, Dec 10, 2006

2700 NW 2nd Avenue

(Wynwood District)

Group Show – analog – digital – fractal

Further artists at PULSE: Daryoush Asgar, Maria Bussmann, Oliver Dorfer, John Gerrard, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Angel Marcos, Julie Monaco, Nikolaus Moser, Cameron Platter, Massimo Vitali.

Daryoush Asgar’s protagonists obey the imperative “You can be anything you want”. They manifest the pleasure of self-projection, but meanwhile the social pressure of constantly having to redefine oneself. They thus move between ecstasy and nightmare, finding and losing themselves in the same instant. Their lack of identity is reflected in the generative process creating the pictures. The subjects do not have a real-life model, they are entities composed of clichés; they are models borrowed from popular haute couture, as representative of our contemporary consumer society. When transposing them into paint, the artist likewise expresses the blurring of borderlines between reality and appearance by employing a photo-realist rendering pervaded with a slight fuzziness.

1975 born in Teheran

1996-2000 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

1996-2001 2002 Bauholding Strabag Art Award

since 2002 he lives and works in Vienna und Berlin

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