Massimo Vitali at hilger contemporary

Galerie Ernst Hilger

November 6, 2006

Massimo Vitali

old works

hilger contemporary

November 8 – December 7, 06

Vienna, Austria

Dorotheergasse 5

43-1-512 53 15

43-1-513 91 26

[email protected]

Massimo Vitali’s artistic interest focuses on social activity in locations of leisure and consumerism. He stays for quite a while on a platform 4 to 5 metres high before shooting, so the people being photographed appear unaware of the presence of the camera. His photos hover on the brink of voyeurism, showing reality without any enhancement through touching-up or revision techniques. The viewer is confronted in a simple and direct idiom with crowded beaches, heaving discos, shopping centres, leisure parks and supermarkets on huge works of photography. Vitali creates inimitable, detailed event photos that on the one hand manifest the influence of his long years of work as a photographic journalist and on the other, in accord with his education as an artist, deliberately allude to historical painting.

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