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John Gerrard

Portrait to Smile Once a Year (Mary), 2006

5 2 A/P

A portrait to smile for a single day of every year. This day, February 1st, is of the models own choosing. Originally derived from a 3D scan this work in realtime 3d could be described as a sculptural photograph, an amalgam of photographic information in three dimensions overlapping with the arenas of painting and sculpture. The artist has described this new form as an ‘image object’. In the work the sitter (a friend of the artist) is placed in a simple room. Light streams in through a curtain to the left. The quality of this light changes over the course of day and night. Using a sculptural presentation device in corian plastic the public can look around the portrait by turning the screen on which it is shown.

John Gerrard is at the forefront of a generation of younger artists for whom realtime gaming engines and 3D scanning provide unprecedented conceptual and aesthetic possibilities. With these very new tools the artist is creating works such as Portrait to Smile Once a Year (Mary) and the Smoke Tree series.

John Gerrard received a BFA from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University in 1998, an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000 and an MSc. from Trinity College Dublin in 2001. In November 2006 he will present a solo show of new work at the RHA, Dublin, Ireland, this will travel to Hilger Contemporary, Vienna in January 2007. A catalogue will be produced.

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