Ernst Hilger Gallery at Art Moscow 2006

Galerie Ernst Hilger

May 14, 2006

Ernst Hilger Gallery at

10th International Art Fair

May 17st to 21st 2006

Central House of Artists in Moscow

4202, 8, Leninsky pr., 125040

Moscow, Russia

Angel Marcos
En Cuba 52,  2005

Silicone photograph on plexiglass

124 x 188 cm, Ed. 1/5

In the series “IN CUBA”, the photographs not only hold dialogue with the architecture in the foreground – with the urban territory as a container of events – but also at the same time house the iconographic future of what were dreams to be made true and which are now maintained as generators of dreams by the state institution.

Institutional advertising in Cuba is based on symbols of its revolution and the maintenance of its socio-political status. It is the basis of Angel Marcos’s work, which builds images to present a collection that is closely linked to emotion and memory.

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