Wesley Rickert at Ezair Gallery

Ezair Gallery

March 31, 2006

Ezair Gallery

905 Madison Ave,

between 72nd and 73rd Str.,

New York, NY 10021

(212) 628-2224

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Wesley Rickert “Extras” and other recent works

An exhibition of indoor and outdoor sculpture from April 4 – April 28 2006

An opening reception will be held on Wednesday April 5th from 6-8 pm

Gallery hours Tuesday – Friday 12 Noon – 6pm

The Ezair Gallery is very pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition of recent indoor & outdoor sculptures by Canadian artist Wesley Rickert. “Extras” will be his 2nd exhibition at the Ezair Gallery.

The welded metal sculpture featured in this exhibition contains an element of “unplanned social comment”. Titles of work include; Ex-Wife, 2nd Ex-Wife, Karaoke Bar Singer and Woman No.3

Rickert states; “While at the theater, or while watching a movie I noticed that I began to pay more attention to characters present in the background than the characters that actually told the story. Theirs was a life that you could never know and were never really meant to know but existed all the same. I decided to look at my own life to discover what characters played a more or less hidden role. This was easily and quickly done.

The extras on my list were all women, partly because as a man I think it is fairly obvious that women will always remain a bit of a mystery to me. This was also due to the nature of past relationships I had with women and their tendency to move from a leading character to a barely recognizable and largely over looked figure in the distance. I am now happily married.”

For more information please contact the gallery’s director, Marijana Bego.