Ryan Gander at Art Statements

Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

June 13, 2005

Ryan Gander
Is this Guilt in You Too

(The Study of a Car in a Field)

Art Statements

Hall 2.1 booth F8

Annet Gelink Gallery

Laurierstraat 187-189

1016 PL Amsterdam

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Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present Ryan Gander’s Is this Guilt in You Too (The Study of a Car in a Field) at Art Statements, Art Basel 36, 15-20.06.2005.

The spectator enters a darkened projection room and finds the screen empty. The voice, of what seems to be a young girl is speaking in an archetypal English accent. There are distinctly two characters: one speaks (the girl) and the other is represented by pauses in the sound. The girl’s musings jump between tens-es, at times drifting into storytelling, at others addressing the spectator or the maker directly. The voice reflects upon the possible readings and inter-pretations of not only the film, but also of the reality of being within this projection room at Art Basel.

Simultaneously the dark screen fades into an image of a car standing motionless – but with its engine running, so visibly occupied, in a field covered with white snow early on a winter’s morning. The shot is reminiscent of an opening scene from a cinematic feature film. From high above in the sky the camera slowly swoops down towards the car. The journey takes approximately twenty seconds. At the moment that the viewer would expect action to begin – perhaps the car door opening or the car speeding off – the film cuts back to black.

In many respects the film provides an impossible conundrum. Firstly as there are no tracks in the snow, how, when and to what purpose did the car arrive at the center of this field? And secondly, what turn does the narrative take prior to or following this glimpse?

For more information please contact Floor Wullems or Julia Schleyerbach at Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Tel: 31.20.330.20.66, Fax: 31.20.330.20.65, [email protected]