Abbildung Wetzel / Monaco

Galerie Ernst Hilger

May 25, 2005

Galerie Ernst Hilger

Abbildung Wetzel / Monaco

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Paintings from the 1960s by the Austrian Hans Staudacher bring the presence of a major figure in international art informel to the GALERIE ERNST HILGER stand. Meanwhile Alfred Hrdlicka is being represented with two new sculptures that are characteristic examples of his oeuvre, “Marsyas” and “Man Dying”.

The works on canvas by Allen Jones, a British artist who became famous through pop art, reveal insight into the world of the fetish and the consumer society.

The converging of events to transcend their historical interfaces marks the radical art of ERRO, who was originally one of the “Figuration Narrative” group.

Brian McKee is presenting photography from his new series “Urbanus”. Urbanus forms the third major, cohesive cycle after Detritus and Re-Build-ings.

In his new photographic works “Animaletti” Massimo Vitali focuses on the diversity of our leisure-culture scene and its locations.

Galerie Ernst Hilger will present „ … leaving New York City”,

sculpture by Markus Wetzel for ART UNLIMITED 05.

Galerie Ernst Hilger – since 1971.