Agustin Bejarano and Perla Krauze at Art Miami 2006

Nina Menocal

March 22, 2005

Art Miami 2006

January 5-9, 2006

Miami Beach Convention Center

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Agustín Bejarano: Studio of Creation and Utopia, Perla Krauze: Puesto Ambulante

Due to the current politics of the United States Government, celebrated Cuban artist Agustín Bejarano was not able to obtain permission to enter the U.S. for his solo show at Art Miami 2006 Projects (stand 414/515). Bejarano has therefore made a video of himself, in his Havana studio, demonstrating his various mixed media techniques. Since Bejarano will not be able to be in the stand physically, an actor will be there in his place performing some of the reoccuring images from his artwork. nina menocal is pleased to announce it’s participation in Art Miami 2006 with Agustín Bejarano’s project titled “studio of creation and utopia”. The installation includes, along with video and performance, a selection of the artist’s most recent multimedia works on canvas and paper.

The idea is to create a link and a dialogue about the artwork between the artist, his studio, the audience, and the international art fair. Los Ritos del Silencio titles all of Bejarano’s artwork since 2002, a series which is immersed in musings about the human condition, communication and society. This series is a collection of thoughts regarding man as an island who discovers himself through introspection and reflection upon his existence. Bejarano´s “studio of creation and utopia” at Art Miami 2006 is to be a space where his artwork comes to life.

Bejarano’s mid-career retrospective at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana is scheduled to open the 9th Havana Biennial in March 2006. His project for Art Miami will be an unique opportunity to preview an artist’s creative process and his most recent work. A limited selection of the artist’s engravings will also be available.

Concurrently nina menocal is pleased to be presenting in the sculpture area of Art Miami 2006 the first exhibition of a new interactive sculpture by Mexican artist Perla Krauze. Krauze, ever fascinated by the fleeting and ephemeral aspects of nature and the overlooked details of one’s surroundings, will be presenting a structure based on the puesto ambulante, an uniquely Mexican design for the quick display and removal of items sold in the streets. This structure invites the public – one by one – to experience a dream like and otherworldy environment. Krauze offers the viewer an escape from the ordinary and a complication of the way we view the mundane.