1,3,13  the young who choose to stay, 2018. © CDS Projects.

YAA¹: Black light rising, Athens, Now.

CDS Projects, Athens / Greece

September 20–October 18, 2018
September 5, 2018
CDS Projects
8 Miaouli Street, 3rd floor, Monastiraki
10554 Athens

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CDS Projects is pleased to present the pop-up contemporary art group exhibition entitled: YAA¹: Black light rising, Athens, Now.* Thirteen emerging artists between the ages of 23 and 35, currently residing in Athens, exhibit their work, hence, extending an insight to the underground art scene. 

From: Athens To: Athens

In a country of prolonged crisis, in a city now also home to thousands of refugees, the polis finds itself close to suffocation point. This is an independent exhibition, exclusively about the work of the young who have decided to stay and fight. In a perplexed city in flux, a focused insurgency begins: Black light rising.

Molivia Porpoda, Mehdi Arashk, Athena Kourbouzou, Justyna Borucka, Wael Habbal, Alexander Neanidis, Cecilia Emma Hammond, Sofia Papapolyzou, Erwin Zareie, Anastasia Papaleonida - Pountza, Ara Bogosian & Eleni Tsamadia, Thodore Doupas

Which are the driving forces within these makers, who—in a way—obsessively choose to remain in a place of many hardships for most? This was the problematic, abstract artist and curator, Ayis Zita  and curator Maria Filippou  were faced with. After a grassroots-level research in mostly subterranean artists' studios, they found their initial sense met. Underneath the—often predictable—mainstream Athenian art scene, there is new thriving artistic mobility, largely unnoticed by it, transcending it.  

As the busiest convergence point of commercial, touristic and cultural activity, Monastiraki, at the foothill of the Ancient Agora and the Pnyx, becomes the optimal bema for the thirteen artists. In a mixed-use building, still hosting leather and box craftsmen, a topos assembles itself.   

The third floor, rooftop and common use spaces host a set/narrative for the city, reflecting positions on what living in it now, means. Beyond the “white light” of the capitalistic nightmare, from Brahman to Steiner, in a parallel cosmos, Athens generates a fresh light of intrinsic frequency. 

Full program of side events to be announced on September 10 at www.facebook.com/CDSprojectsathens. DJ sets, live music sessions, performance art, art walks and open discussions will run throughout the duration of the exhibition.  

For more information please contact: Christina Antonopoulos (press & social media manager) cds.projects.athens [​at​] gmail.com

The Charlie Don’t Surf (CDS) Projects team comprises of Ayis Zita, abstract artist and curator, Maria Filippou, curator and Christina Antonopoulos, press and social media manager. It invents and implements radical contemporary art meta-projects in Athens, Greece and abroad. It focuses on underground scene art production.

*Young Athenian Artists (YAA).