Courtesy KADIST.

Mobile app & Kadist Video Library


November 1, 2018
November 1, 2018
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KADIST (Paris, San Francisco) announces the release of two new digital initiatives: a video artwork library and a mobile app. Despite simple interfaces, both utilize sophisticated technology to provide greater access to international contemporary art through a uniquely KADIST lens.

The KADIST Video Library is home to 200 limited edition video artworks, made available for real-time streaming for the first time. Over fifty hours of video art by leading contemporary artists—nominated by over a dozen curatorial advisors around the world—are viewable in their entirety or excerpt through the library. This new resource is free and open to curators, academic scholars, artists, and art students after signing up for an account. Click here to visit the KADIST Video Library.

Now available for iPhone, the KADIST mobile app features an art news section that compiles content from global sources covering contemporary art. As users of other general-news apps know, finding a refined access point for contemporary art updates can be challenging. The KADIST app uses an “artist centric” algorithm, culling the latest articles from hundreds of content sites into a single feed, which are then filtered by relevance to a growing community of over 900 key artists. Additional features of the app include smart news feeds that learn each user’s preferences, and access to the KADIST Video Library. The app also compliments KADIST’s website, providing access to over 100 video interviews with artists from around the world, and details about upcoming events and exhibitions at KADIST’s venues and partner institutions. Click here to learn more about the free mobile app.