The Kadist Video Library - VIDEOCLOOP Initiative

LOOP Barcelona, Barcelona / Spain / KADIST, San Francisco

March 15, 2019
Prophecies for the Second Machine Age: March 15–April 24

KADIST (Paris/San Francisco) and LOOP (Barcelona) are pleased to announce the launch of the Kadist Video Library – VIDEOCLOOP initiative, a collaborative series of curated online programmes of artists' films and videos.

The first in the series is Prophecies for the Second Machine Age, curated by Erika Balsom, with work by Pedro Neves Marques, Nira Pereg, Mary Helena Clark, Diana Fonseca Quiñones, and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.

In an era of automation and "smart" machines, when rationalization triumphs and technology causes as many problems as it solves, what futures await vulnerable bodies and environments? What catastrophic pasts have they already endured? The artists in the programme turn to poetic condensation and oblique metaphor to approach these questions, cultivating mood rather than communicating information.

Prophecies for the Second Machine Age is available for streaming from March 15 to April 24, 2019, on KVL and VIDEOCLOOP.

The Kadist Video Library (KVL) – VIDEOCLOOP initiative is an online collaboration hosting films and videos by established and upcoming visual artists. The initiative stems from broader reflection on the different modes of distribution and circulation of the moving image in the age of digital dissemination and the Internet era. Through the engagement of internationally renowned curators, researchers and artists, the initiative provides a shared space for critique on contemporary creation and wider access to works in the KADIST video collection and LOOP’s online archive. Stay tuned for the next programme in Fall 2019. 

About Erika Balsom
Erika Balsom is a senior lecturer in Film Studies at King’s College London. Her book After Uniqueness: A History of Film and Video Art in Circulation, was published by Columbia University Press in 2017. She is the author of Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art (2013), the co-editor of Documentary Across Disciplines (2016), and a frequent contributor to magazines such as Artforumfrieze, and Sight & Sound. Her scholarly work has appeared in journals including Cinema Journal, Screen, and Grey Room. 

About VIDEOCLOOP and the Kadist Video Library 
VIDEOCLOOP is a public platform dedicated to the preservation, promotion and study of experimental video and film by contemporary artists. The Kadist Video Library (KVL) is an online platform designed to facilitate public access to video artworks in the KADIST collection.

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