Artists’ Books launches in Miami for Art Week 2019


December 4–8, 2019
November 25, 2019
ARTIKA at ART MIAMI Booth P3: December 4–8

Art Miami
Pavilion One Herald Plaza
Miami, Florida 33132
United States
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ARTIKA, the Barcelona-based art publisher specializing in high-end, limited-edition artists’ books, is proud to announce its US launch during Miami´s Art Week 2019.

Founded in Barcelona in 2003, ARTIKA has published 25 titles to date, all unique in their conceptualization and production of works about contemporary artists. Each artist’s book delves into a special view or unknown body of work by the selected artist, enabling art lovers and collectors to discover new and exciting elements about an artist’s production. Furthermore, every artist’s book is treated with the delicacy and meticulousness that Barcelona’s devotion to artisanry is known for, a process that results in the creation of exclusive, contemporary publications that take between three to five years from conception to final production.

ARTIKA is expanding its reach from the old world to the new, seeking to explore and grow its frontiers with the goal of becoming a world-wide leader in fine art publishing.

“ARTIKA was born in Barcelona with the purpose of creating a great collection of artists’ books by and about the best artists in the world. After 15 years of great success, publishing artists books about renowned Spanish artists like Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies, Plensa and  Barceló, and having sold out all our previous editions, we arrive in Miami with the idea of introducing ARTIKA to the North and Latin American public. We have already begun incorporating Latin American artists such as Fernando Botero, and are currently working with the best artists in the American continent to introduce great new additions to our collection very soon,” declared ARTIKA’s Director, Marc Buil.

ARTIKA works closely with the artists themselves, or their estates and representatives, to conceive their artists books, and with international art historians and curators in the rigorous preparation of the supplementary study books that accompany each piece, thereby producing unique art publications that bring new light to the work of every artist. Each production includes a sculptural casing that contains the art book itself, along with the study book with essays by renown art historians that enhance comprehension of the artists’ works. A combination of excellence, artisanry, prestige and aesthetic value make these publications an irresistible collector’s item.

About Jaume Plensa ‘s Jaume Plensa 61
Their most recent artist book, Jaume Plensa 61, will be presented in Miami for ARTIKA’S US launch. It invites us to discover the artist’s creative process in his studio, in a testimonial and intimate context. For Plensa’s study book, ARTIKA published excerpts of his sketchbooks as a relevant portrayal of what happens in the artist’s mind during the creative process. The casing that contains both publications is a precious, original serial sculpture created by the artist specifically for this edition.

About Fernando Botero’s Botero’s Women
Botero’s Women is a 122-page artist’s book conceived by Colombian artist Fernando Botero in collaboration with ARTIKA that assembles a collection of previously unseen sketches, drawings and 45 paintings of his exhaustive work on the female figure. The artist book is accompanied by an introductory essay by Nobel-prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa along with a 288-page study book, in both Spanish and English, with an in-depth essay by art historian Lourdes Cirlot plus an interview with the artist himself, containing 45 drawings and 103 images.

The two publications are grouped together by a hand-crafted, sculptural case conceived by the artist, made of high-density polyurethane with a relief effect, resulting in a unique oeuvre that manifests Botero’s relevance as a contemporary artist. “Botero’s Women” is a limited-edition publication of 2,998 numbered copies, 200 signed by the artist.

ARTIKA is a fine arts publishing house based in Barcelona since 2003. It has produced more than 25 artist books about world-renowned international artists, meticulously adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship for each publication. Artist books currently available from ARTIKA’s include Jaume Plensa 61 and Botero’s Women.

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