Call for application: Publishing Korean Art

Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul / Republic of Korea

March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020
Korea Arts Management Service
3F, Daehak-ro 57, Jongno-gu
03082 Seoul
South Korea

T +82 2 2098 2928
F +82 2 2098 2242
[email protected]

Eligible applicants
Individual, organization or publisher who intends to write or publish a book on Korean visual art to researchers and readers abroad; such support can be granted only with confirmation of overseas publication.

Eligible types of books
Introduction to and discourse on Korean visual arts or books falling under the following: Art history; tendencies & trends; critics and theory; on-the-spot introduction to Korean contemporary arts. Catalogs of a single artist's work or exhibition catalogs are not the intended target of KAMS support.

Period of project
-Support for writing: The project period can be no longer than two years
-Support for overseas publication: The project period can be no longer than three years

Only projects with confirmed contracts with overseas publishers are eligible for the grant; the overseas publishing contract and an agreement from the publisher must be submitted when applying.

Grant amount
-Support for writing: KAMS can provide a grant of up to KRW 50 million (approx. USD 42,000) to support the writing of an original book on Korean visual art in a foreign language. Support for writing is given as a precondition for overseas publication; if publication does not come after writing, 80 percent of the grant paid must be returned. Grant amount applied for cannot exceed 80% of total writing budget.

-Support for overseas publication: KAMS can fund a maximum of KRW 50 million (approx. USD 42,000) for the expenses of a book whose publication contract has been concluded; the publisher can choose hoped-for items among fees for translation, editing, production cost, image copywriting and others. If support for writing is given, a translation charge cannot be selected and the maximum grant shall be limited to KRW 30 million (approx. USD 25,000). Grant amount applied for cannot exceed 80% of total publishing budget.

How to apply
-Online submission: art-trans [​at​]
-Application deadline: May 7, 2020, by 5pm
Please download and fill out the application here and submit it with the required documents.

Required documents
-Application letter (standardized format)
-Acknowledgement letter from publisher (standardized format)
-Publication contract and evidential documents thereof
-Applicant’s resume
-Publisher’s portfolio showing record of publication during past three years (focused on books on visual arts)
-Digest of manuscript
-Proposal for publication
-Table & creation of contents

-The required documents and materials will not be returned.
-The total number of first-edition copies printed must exceed 1,000.
-The publisher will receive the grant amount after the conclusion of an MOA and must disburse translation, editing, and publishing expenses according to the budget in the agreement.
-If any information in the application is found to be falsified or the project is not completed within the period agreed to by KAMS, the support will be canceled and the grant must be returned.
-If a manuscript submitted to KAMS for getting financial support is found to have been plagiarized and leads to the filing of copyright infringement claims even after such support is awarded, the grant will be canceled and 100 percent of the amount must be returned. The person(s) involved shall also be ineligible for any KAMS support during a designated period.
-At the time of publication, the book must indicate that it has been published with support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and KAMS and display a logo on the publication’s right column.

Visual Art Planning Team, Korea Arts Management Service(KAMS)
art-trans [​at​] / vy617 [​at​]