Spaced Apart: online symposium

Spaced Apart

May 26–July 2, 2020
June 18, 2020

U-P presents Spaced Apart, an online design, art, photography and sound symposium running from May 26–July 2, 2020. The symposium aims to bring us closer together while we are spaced apart, and speaks to the importance of maintaining social connection and solidarity in the face of crises, and the importance of continuing culture and supporting the creative arts. Spaced Apart brings together a series of live presentations from over 20 creatives from around the world, providing audiences with cultural and social stimulation in a time of global lockdown. In reflecting on their work, presenters are invited to contemplate themes of solitude and togetherness, loneliness and sociability, and how these states of being might inform the process of creation.

Live-streamed via the Spaced Apart website, the free online platform aims to provide an accessible, interactive space for sharing ideas; a space to realise new modes of digital and remote creative collaboration and exchange.

Spaced Apart is initiated by U-P co-curated by RMIT Design Hub, PHOTO 2021, Denise Neri (Aesop), Keinton Butler (Powerhouse Museum) and Molonglo. 

Upcoming presentations include:

Tin & Ed
Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting are Australian artists and designers based between New York and Melbourne. Through the use of emerging technologies their work explores the borderless dimension between art and science, the physical and the digital, the human and the non-human.

Yuri Suzuki
Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician who explores the realms of sound through works that examine the relationship between people and their environments; questioning how both music and sound evolve to create personal experience.

OPEN Architecture
OPEN was founded by Li Hu and Huang Wenjing in New York City, establishing a Beijing office in 2008. OPEN believe's in the power of architecture to transform people and the way they live, while striking a balance between the manmade and nature.

Pretziada is a creative practice founded by Kyre Chenven, a native Californian, and Ivano Atzori, Milanese by birth. They moved to Sardinia four years ago to begin working with artisans on resuscitating local craft. They have cultivated the position of cultural translators: writing and photographing the particularities of the island.

Lucas Blalock
Lucas Blalock lives and works in New York. His work over the last ten+ years has explored falseness and evident mechanics in photographyBlalock recently staged his first solo museum exhibition in the United States, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and his first in Europe, at the Museum Kurhaus in Kleve, Germany.

Visit Spaced Apart for the full program of upcoming talks and to watch previous talks.