Launch of 2020 issues: "Perpetual Photographs" & "Making Worlds"


November 12–14, 2020
November 11, 2020
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Objektiv is a platform for photography. Founded in 2009 by Nina Strand together with Ida Kierulf and Susanne Østby Sæther, it began as a biannual publication with a focus on photography. From 2016 Objektiv have also included Brian Sholis and Lucas Blalock in the editorial board. This year will see a transition for the journal. After ten years of exploring the magazine format, Objektiv wishes to go more in-depth with its content. Twice a year, we’ll produce an essay-publication, a long text written by a single author accompanied by photographs. This change for Objektiv stems from a wish to widen our understanding of photography and to make something that will last longer than the ephemeral life of the magazine.

"Perpetual Photographs" by Nina Strand takes as its inspiration the column, "On my Mind", presented in the very first issues of Objektiv, where different people wrote about an image that they couldn’t stop thinking about. For this essay, Strand looks more closely at images, interviews, impressions that are still on her mind. Her essay contains quotes from artists such as Laure Prouvost, Frida Orupabo, Elle Pérez and in this way weaves a dialogue of many voices, instead of making a fixed statement, offering a wider picture of artistic practices.

"Making Worlds" by Morten Andenæs looks at the works of Lucas Blalock, Else Marie Hagen, Torbjørn Rødland and Tom Sandberg. Not content simply to describe the world, these artists see the photographic medium as instrumental in making sense of the world. Starting from the Icelandic notion of home as our initial world,  Andenæs explores the acts of looking and representing as integral components of human development that determine what can and cannot be seen, thus defining our horizons. 

The plan was to launch at the opening of Paris Photo and Bergen Art Book Fair, but instead, this weekend, we will present several new conversations online. Accessible to all regardless of local lockdowns or curfew! For more on dates and distribution details visit