Kensaku Kakimoto, Time Tunnel 03June, from "Time Tunnel" series, 2020. UV inkjet print on fabric, 250 × 250 cm.

Kensaku Kakimoto in collaboration with Luke Bubb & Piotr Stopniak

Gallery on the Hill

January 9–24, 2021
January 11, 2021

Virtual museum: January 9–March 31, online in conjunction with the exhibition

Hillside Terrace
Hillside Forum

Gallery On The Hill will be holding an exhibition supervised by Taka Ishii of Taka Ishii Gallery entitled TRANSFORMATION, featuring new works of filmmaker and photographer Kensaku Kakimoto, who mainly works on commercial films and music videos.

Transformations emerging from the reprocessing of pre-pandemic works using AI
This exhibition is the first emergence of a new project called Time Tunnel, a fresh series of works derived from Kensaku Kakimoto’s pre-pandemic work, including over a thousand of his own photographs and images, selected texts related to themes in his main work, and incidences, events and international movements that occurred during the pandemic. These were all studied and reprocessed photographically using AI.

The series has the support of Australian company Alt.vfx, with technical support given in collaboration with the science art team Luke Bubb and Piotr Stopniak; all work was created remotely due to COVID-19 concerns.

In addition, the exhibition will also feature a new series Trimming, which takes everyday events and presents a new viewpoint through a fresh design overhaul, redefining them in high resolution and adjusting their focus; and also feature the TRANSLATOR series in addition, previously exhibited in 2016 at Hillside Forum and in 2017 at Taka Ishii Gallery, New York.

Virtual museum open in conjunction
In addition to opening of the actual gallery space, a Virtual Museum will be available to peruse at In conjunction with the exhibition opening, it will be open to the general international public from 11am (Japan time) on January 9 until March 31, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the history of mankind and shaken common preconceptions along with it. Kensaku Kakimoto’s work offers a look at a new scenery arising in images of the marks and transformations humans have undergone through the tunnel of time, pre and post corona.

"They seem like the same sights, the same hours, the same light; yet we live in a different world now. This world we used to think of as perfect, how has it changed? Even the photos I once thought of as ‘complete’ seem to have changed in meaning.

I have taken these captured moments of the world I previously knew, and used AI to focus on the passage of time, alter the world and make it imperfect.

The illogical has been pulled from the bewildering march of time; I have brought these moments from the continuously-changing sights to the surface." –Kensaku Kakimoto