Love Over Entropy

Anna Laudel Istanbul, Istanbul / Turkey

March 11–April 29, 2021
March 11, 2021
Anna Laudel Istanbul
Bankalar Caddesi 10 Karaköy, Beyoğlu
34421 Istanbul

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Anna Laudel Istanbul is presenting a group exhibition titled Love Over Entropy between March 11–April 29, 2021. The exhibition focuses on the notion of “mind” in an ecosystem where constant change is the new normal.

Curated by Ayça Okay and coordinated by Lal Batman, Love Over Entropy showcases a diverse selection of artworks by 19 artists, including Elçin Acun, Lal Batman, Büşra Çeğil, Bahadır Çolak, Fırat Engin, Zeren Göktan, Kadriye İnal, Dinçer İşgel, Fırat İtmeç, Volkan Kızıltunç, Sinan Logie, Mert Özgen, Serra Duran Paralı, Nejat Satı, Ahmet Sel, Hande Şekerciler, Furkan Temir, Halil Vurucuoğlu and Aybala Yalçın.

Taking its name after an electronic music band called Love Over Entropy and their song with the same title, the exhibition refers to "entropy," which is defined as the randomness and disorder in a system. Referring to this notion, the exhibition investigates the 21st century’s new trend called “sapiosexuality” that has emerged as a response.

Love Over Entropy questions the potential and the pleasure created by the “mind,” centering around the concept of sapiosexuality, which means being sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. Advancements in technology transformed all humanity, including our relationships as well as the physical environment that we live in. This in return let us find new ways to adapt to this constantly changing circumstances where “mind” is placed at the very center of our lives. 

Artists displaying at Love Over Entropy reflecting on this new trend and how the mind has become an object of desire. The selected works aim to evoke questions on the new designs of society and our relationship habits formed by the social dynamics which are rapidly changing and abandoning the concepts and values from the past. This interdisciplinary flirt of 19 artists stands up against both reason and emotions.

Love Over Entropy features a curated selection of works with different mediums and techniques including painting, photography, installation, video, sculpture, and neon works, and will be on display until April 29, 2021 at Anna Laudel Istanbul.

About Ayça Okay
Curator Ayça Okay (1991, İzmir), completed her first master's degree at Istanbul Technical University in 2013 and continues her second master’s program in Art Theory and Criticism at Işık University, İstanbul. As an independent curator, in addition to her projects with different institutions, she is also working as the EMEA Strategic Partner of the New York-based art platform; Arts and Culture Programs Director of Contemporary Istanbul Foundation, and the Art Consultant and curator of İGA Istanbul Airport. As of 2020 and with the rise of digitalism, she focused on new media and digital art more and co-curated Istanbul's first light festival titled “Istanbul The Lights”. She is also the art director of Pixel New Media Artist Residency Programme in 2020. 

About Lal Batman
Artist and curator Lal Batman (2001, Bursa) continues her academic education on plastic arts. She participated in various fairs and symposiums in Athens, Berlin, Chios Island, İstanbul, Miami, Paris, and Tokyo. She continues her productions in Istanbul with a multi-disciplinary approach. Batman, held her first solo exhibition titled DEM in 2019, and curated the exhibition of 15 artists at FAM which is a gastronomy, art and music festival. She is also the artistic director of the agency called Nebula. Founding partner of the global artist platform called Dott Projects, Batman works on artistic collaboration projects with corporate companies and brands.

Anna Laudel accepts visitors by appointment as part of the preventive health measures. Please contact the gallery to make an appointment for a visit.

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