John Yuyi
Eye Sees No Lashes

TAO ART, Taipei City / Taiwan

January 9–February 20, 2021
February 12, 2021
Online exhibition walkthrough: February 18, 9–10pm, (GMT+8), on Instagram

8f, No.79-1, Zhouzi St
Taipei City
Neihu Dist.

[email protected]

TAO ART presents artist John Yuyi’s first installation-focused solo exhibition, inviting visitors to enter a fantasy space in which the physical nature of the body connects to immaterial sensations of seeing and being seen.

“John Yuyi taps into the nature of how we see ourselves in today's hypermediated world on a primal level. Through the profusion of her own likeness across the internet, in the media, and alongside a slippery selection of objects and textures, she dredges up the existential insecurities, vanities, anxieties, and horrors that give shape to the contemporary self,” said curator Robin Peckham.

“At first it looks simple: sometimes there are objects on the body, and sometimes there are bodies on objects. But the dynamics of how the image circulates in this work are complex and contorted; the eye never comes to rest in an easy place, but instead is forced to do gymnastics over itself just to get a good look in the mirror. John Yuyi turns every image into an object and introduces a fundamental instability at the core of the self.”

Known worldwide as an interdisciplinary voice of her generation across art, fashion, and social media, John Yuyi’s latest experiments with immersive installation and photographic objects open new possibilities for contemporary art in Taiwan.

Online exhibition walkthrough with artist John Yuyi and curator Robin Peckham
On Thursday 9pm (GMT+8,), February 18, artist John Yuyi will present a live walkthrough for international audiences via Instagram (@johnyuyi). The artist will share the process of producing the exhibition and introduce new directions in her work during 2020–21. The walk-through will conclude with a conversation with curator Robin Peckham and a Q&A session. 

About the artist
Born in 1991 in Taiwan, John Yuyi is a graduate from Shih Chien University in Fashion Design. Previous exhibitions include: The Next Gen: John Yuyi, The Art Vacancy, New York (2018), My (Temporary) Self, Make Room, Los Angeles (2018), John Yuyi, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai (2018). Previous brand collaborations include Gucci, Nike, Maison Margiela, and KENZO. In 2018, Yuyi was listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 - Asia - The Arts.

About the curator
Robin Peckham is a curator and editor living in Taiwan, where he is Co-Director of Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas. He previously served as editor-in-chief of LEAP, founded the Hong Kong exhibition space Saamlung, and organized exhibitions for Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Fosun Foundation, K11 Art Foundation, and M Woods Museum. His writing and lectures focus on technology, immersion, wellness, and popular culture.

Founded by Vicky Chen and her father in Taipei, TAO ART is a new kind of art space that combines the collection and exhibition. The space is designed by Japanese architect Jun Aoki. TAO ART strives to become an art space of diverse possibilities, supporting Taiwanese contemporary arts on the international stage and introducing international resources to Taiwan.

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