Launch of issue 61 "Currencies of Hospitality" & online talks

PUBLIC, Canada

March 1, 2021
The Hospitality of Images: March 4, 1–2:30pm, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Dawit L. Petros & Felipe Steinberg; moderator Sylvie Fortin
Architectures of Hospitality: March 9, 1–2:30pm, Irina Aristarkhova, Charlie Hailey and Sara Swain; moderator: Sylvie Fortin
Curatorial Hospitality: March 18, 6:30–8pm, Lisa Baldissera, Bojana Videkanić, Mark Jeffery, Kelly Kaczynski, Kelly Lloyd, Shannon R. Stratton
Hospitality as Performance of Community: March 24, 1–2:30pm, Diego Semerene, Andrew Stooke and more; moderator Sylvie Fortin
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PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas is pleased to announce the release of its latest issue exploring the currencies of hospitality and to invite you to join the conversation.

Hospitality is usually considered a philosophical concept, an ethical concern with juridical implications, a sociopolitical practice… or an industry. This publication shifts the focus to speculate on many of its other (often stealth) manifestations. It mobilizes hospitality—as concept, metaphor, performance, and dissidence—to render its pluripotent agency.

This 320-page issue of PUBLIC is also a critical curatorial endeavour that weaves together artists’ projects, fiction, scholarly research, and other indefinable forms to explore some of the unexpected valences of hospitality in modern and contemporary art, cinema, animation, and exhibition making; in architecture, infrastructure, land use, and practices of cohabitation; in kinship and care; and in justice, pedagogy, and reparation.

Editor: Sylvie Fortin

Issue contributors: Irina AristarkhovaLisa BaldisseraDenise Ferreira da Silva, Tamar Guimarães, Charlie HaileyMark Jeffery, Kelly Kaczynski, Behzad Khosravi NooriJustin LangloisKelly Lloyd, Karen Meyer, Cynthia NicolDawit L. PetrosMegan RooneyClaudia RuitenbergDiego SemereneFelipe Steinberg, Andrew Stooke, Shannon R. StrattonSara SwainBojana Videkanić

"Currencies of Hospitality" online public program: four occasions in March
To celebrate the release of the latest issue of PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas we are delighted to present a dynamic month-long series of online conversations extending the journal's interdisciplinary exploration of the currencies of hospitality. This series brings together PUBLIC 61 contributors to expand on their projects together, and with you! In this, the series mobilizes and amplifies the publication, positioning it as a relay for the exchange of ideas, and a vector for attentive engagement, open debate, and speculation around questions of hospitality. Join us.

About PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas
PUBLIC is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on visual art published bi-annually since 1988. Based in Toronto, Canada, PUBLIC is led by the Public Editorial Collective.

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