Germano Celant: The Story of (my) Exhibitions

Silvana Editoriale, Milan / Italy

April 29, 2021
April 29, 2021
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"For fifty years I have been practicing different kinds of writing: theoretical in nature, for essays; with a focus on publishing, for the production of books and catalogues; where the focus is on the exhibition [...]. The Story of (my) Exhibitions aims to draw attention to this last kind of writing."
–Germano Celant

One year after the passing of the pivotal art critic, Silvana Editoriale publishes in collaboration with Studio Celant one of his last work. An imposing book, which he had been working on for some time, dedicated to 34 exhibition conceived and curated by him between 1967 and 2018.

562 pages, over 300 images, many never before published, a rich collection of documents and critical essays: The Story of (my) Exhibitions—one of the last works by Germano Celant, published by Silvana Editoriale with the collaboration of Studio Celant—testifies to the historical and critical path of 34 exhibitions designed and curated by the critic between 1967 and 2018.

“Celant had worked extensively on an editorial project that would be the synthesis of his wide-ranging critical research. This book, of which he followed all the processing stages, is the outcome of this endeavor. In each of the exhibitions presented, one can recognize his curatorial method through which he created the ‘exhibition’ system, using different artistic languages and different media to assemble artworks and documentary material. Studio Celant worked together with the publisher Silvana Editoriale to make sure that this volume remains true to his original idea.”
–Studio Celant

The book describes the exhibiting logic characterizing Celant’s work, the methodology of scientific research, and the different kinds of installations he generated. It presents a selection of exhibitions in chronological order, able to reflect the complexity of his contribution to the history of exhibitions.

The Story of (my) Exhibitions reveals the richness of an extraordinary human and professional path, in which a constant cultural tension is fueled by scientific rigor and results in the spectacular staging of artworks, capable of wide-ranging suggestions and wide-spectrum sensitivity: a dichotomy revealing the depth of Celant’s work, tracing the scope of his scientific practice and representing a living intellectual testament.

The book will be available in bookstores and online from April 30, 2021.

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