August 29, 2014

Third ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar: “Contemporary Art in the 21st Century”

The third edition of the workshop will be held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in September. In 2014, the third edition of the ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar will feature an important new development: for the first time the event will be held in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro, on September 4 and 9, respectively. The dates have been chosen to coincide with the opening of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo and of ArtRio fair.  The... continue reading

Galeria Senda

August 29, 2014
Abdul Vas, AC/DC. London's Brixton Academy on 17 August 1990, 2004. Ink, pen and pencil on paper, 20.2 x 28.5 cm. Courtesy of the artist. Abdul Vas, AC/DC. London's Brixton Academy on 17 August 1990, 2004. Ink, pen and pencil on paper, 20.2 x 28.5 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Abdul Vas at Galeria Senda

AC/DC celebrates its 40th anniversary. Abdul Vas (born 1981, Maracay, Venezuela; lives and works between Madrid and Amsterdam) dedicates the main part of his artistic work to the Australian hardrock group AC/DC. His devotion to this legendary band has resulted in a committed vital position and an aesthetics, that runs parallel to the general artistic establishment. AC/DC 40th Anniversary—Abdul Vas's first solo show at Galeria Senda,... continue reading

Talking Galleries

August 28, 2014

Talking Galleries Barcelona Symposium 2014

Contemporary art galleries play a central role within the modern art world. They have become leading agents that perform a key mission in the definition of its ecosystem. The current global scale of economic, technological and sociopolitical transformations is profoundly modifying the gallery practice and new formulas have to be found to adapt to the changing environments.  Talking Galleries Barcelona Symposium is an international meeting for... continue reading


Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s “_/_____/_/__/________”
(Background) Daniel Steegman Mangrané, Systemic Grid I, 2014. (Foreground) Daniel Steegman Mangrané, Systemic Grid II, 2014.


The Phasmida are an order of insects whose rocking march always seems hesitant. Every step they take, “stick insects”—as Phasmida are commonly called due to their resemblance to sticks or leaves—will reluctantly stretch out a leg, making cadenced, side-to-side movements as if tentatively rehearsing the next. Biologists will tell you... continue reading

“New Dawn”
View of “New Dawn,” Silberkuppe, Berlin, 2014.


When foraging for food in the wild, orangutans conduct an intriguing ritual known as the “fruit stare.”(1) It unleashes a mimetic contract hinged upon intentionality and co-presence. What makes the tree surrender its fruit? The practiced stare of the orangutan coaxes it into interdependency—and possibly, divulgence—while registering a temporal circuit... continue reading

David Horvitz
BLUM & POE, Los Angeles
David Horvitz, somewhere in between the jurisdiction of time (detail), 2014.


Irregularly and perhaps just a bit irrationally, lawmakers and treaties carve hard demarcations of time from a spinning globe. Workers clock in there, the lunch hour is now here—Daylight Savings Time always confused the hell out of me. Whatever you think noon is, it’s now mostly an abstraction. Time zones... continue reading


Mean Girls: Keren Cytter and “Vengeance”


“I’m so excited,” a young woman says, about an advertising meeting that would make your eyes water with boredom. “Don’t worry, that’ll pass,” her older colleague replies. It’s a flat cliché, and he delivers it with a withering smile of self-congratulation. The woman appears put down, but you get the feeling that’s... continue reading

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