July 24, 2014
Design: Tassinari/Vetta (L. Sonnoli with Irene Bacchi). Design: Tassinari/Vetta (L. Sonnoli with Irene Bacchi).

Artissima 2014 announces prizes and juries

Artissima is pleased to announce its new prizes and its exceptional juries of leading museum directors and curators. Per4m is the new and innovative section of Artissima devoted to performance: the first of its kind on the international art fair scene in terms of both its presentation and its approach to performance art. It is curated by Tobi Maier, Simone Menegoi and Natalia Sielewicz. From its first edition Per4m will introduce a... continue reading

The Poor Farm

July 22, 2014

Great Poor Farm Experiment VI

The Poor Farm hosts year-long exhibitions at the former Waupaca County Poor Farm (built 1876) in rural Little Wolf, Wisconsin. The first weekend in August kicks off exhibitions with an annual Great Poor Farm Experiment.  Henrik Plenge Jakobsen's exhibition titled Divorce will span two large galleries with sculptures and videos that draw from the aesthetics of European and African folk traditions. These evoke scenery between animistic rituals... continue reading

Art in Print

July 18, 2014
Cover image: Kelley Walker, Bug_156S, 2013–2014. Four-color process screenprint on aluminum. © Kelley Walker. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photo: Steven Probert. Cover image: Kelley Walker, Bug_156S, 2013–2014. Four-color process screenprint on aluminum. © Kelley Walker. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photo: Steven Probert.

Art in Print July–August 2014

We are pleased to announce that the July–August 2014 issue of Art in Print is out now. It is a tool of Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street, of circuit boards and skateboards, T-shirts, paintings and limited-edition prints. This fluidity may be the closest thing screenprint has to a distinct identity, which makes it either the most boring or the most interesting art medium on the planet. The July-August issue of Art in Print looks at the... continue reading


David Horvitz
BLUM & POE, Los Angeles
David Horvitz, somewhere in between the jurisdiction of time (detail), 2014.


Irregularly and perhaps just a bit irrationally, lawmakers and treaties carve hard demarcations of time from a spinning globe. Workers clock in there, the lunch hour is now here—Daylight Savings Time always confused the hell out of me. Whatever you think noon is, it’s now mostly an abstraction. Time zones... continue reading

Hong Seung-Hye’s “Reminiscence”
View of Hong Seung-Hye’s “Reminiscence,” K2, Seoul, 2014. (Foreground) Hong Seung-Hye, On & Off, 2014.


Hong Seung Hye’s sixth solo exhibition at Kukje Gallery is a retrospective, after a fashion. Arrayed around K2—one of the Seoul gallery’s spaces—are prints, sculptures, and furniture that co-opt the titles and forms of her earlier works. The stainless steel structure in On & Off (all works 2014), for example,... continue reading

Pamela Rosenkranz’s “My Sexuality”
View of Pamela Rosenkranz’s “My Sexuality,” Karma International, Zürich, 2014.


Pamela Rosenkranz’s exhibition at Karma International in Zürich is a complete mess. At first glance, the show lacks the sleek style and execution one has come to expect from an artist who has made a career exploring the slick visual codes and branding techniques used to commodify the natural world.... continue reading


Mean Girls: Keren Cytter and “Vengeance”


“I’m so excited,” a young woman says, about an advertising meeting that would make your eyes water with boredom. “Don’t worry, that’ll pass,” her older colleague replies. It’s a flat cliché, and he delivers it with a withering smile of self-congratulation. The woman appears put down, but you get the feeling that’s... continue reading

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