November 21, 2014
Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe, Posse Comitatus. Performance at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2013. Image courtesy of the artists. Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe, Posse Comitatus. Performance at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2013. Image courtesy of the artists.

Chelsea Knight & Mark Tribe at DiverseWorks

DiverseWorks is pleased to present the final iteration of New York-based artists Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe's Posse Comitatus—a three-year collaborative project that examines the sociocultural dynamics of paramilitary groups and the representation of their political ideologies through performative gestures and movement. The title refers to a loose network of citizen militias whose actions and ideologies are influenced by the... continue reading

Aperture Magazine

November 21, 2014

Aperture’s "Lit." issue available now

In Aperture's "Lit." issue, celebrated British novelist Tom McCarthy, remarking on the relationship of words and images, writes: "Perhaps in the end the difference between image and word isn't relevant. Because ultimately it's all scriptural… photography is a branch of writing." Aperture's winter issue teases out a range of ways in which photography and writing are intertwined. As our increasingly image-driven culture arguably places new... continue reading

Galleria Massimodeluca

November 21, 2014

Giovanni Sartori Braido and Vito Stassi at Galleria Massimodeluca

Galleria Massimodeluca presents its latest exhibition Sixteen Shades of Grey, a two-person exhibition by Giovanni Sartori Braido (b. 1989, Venezia Mestre) and Vito Stassi (b. 1980, Palermo), curated by Eva Comuzzi.  The title, an ironic allusion to the erotic best seller by Erika Leonard James that is currently the most sold book ever, came instinctively and with a hint of fun thinking about what, at first glance, unites the work of the... continue reading


Harun Farocki’s “4 films from 1967–1997. An homage curated by Antje Ehmann”
Harun Farocki, The Words of the Chairman, 1967. Still from video.


This exhibition is one of the first since Harun Farocki’s unexpected death in July. In the absence of the artist himself, “4 films from 1967 to 1997” pays tribute to the man—chosen by his partner and collaborator, Antje Ehmann—who has been perhaps among the most influential artists and filmmakers of the second half... continue reading

Torolab’s “La Granja”
GALERíA OMR, Mexico City
View of Torolab, “La Granja,” Galería OMR, Mexico City, 2014.


The recent disappearance and alleged assassination of 43 students from Ayotzinapa Normal School in the southern city of Iguala, Mexico, has once again raised the alarms of an entire country already shocked and affected by corruption, violence, and poverty. But while for years organized crime has spread violence, the disappearances... continue reading

Katarina Burin’s “Pre-arranged Comfort
RATIO 3, San Francisco
View of Katarina Burin, “Pre-arranged Comfort,” Ratio 3, San Francisco, 2014.


Models are used in architectural practice to represent and communicate ideas. In “Pre-arranged Comfort,” artist Katarina Burin transforms San Francisco’s Ratio 3 into a 1:1 model that proposes an exhibition of the work of designer and activist Fran Hosken (b. 1920). Burin has constructed four spaces that compose an immersive... continue reading


Mean Girls: Keren Cytter and “Vengeance”


“I’m so excited,” a young woman says, about an advertising meeting that would make your eyes water with boredom. “Don’t worry, that’ll pass,” her older colleague replies. It’s a flat cliché, and he delivers it with a withering smile of self-congratulation. The woman appears put down, but you get the feeling that’s... continue reading

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