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March 6, 2015
Dossier #3

W.A.G.E.’s online tool for determining compensation of digital artworks

Commission Agreement

This is an agreement between Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) and art-agenda. Upon signing this document, both parties agree to the following:

1.   art-agenda has subcontracted W.A.G.E. to produce a project that considers the online commissioning process, specifically addressing its ethics, codes, and challenges. art-agenda has requested that the project articulate standards that are ethical and equitable.

1.1. art-agenda has specified that W.A.G.E will select the format and content of the project and art-agenda will provide the necessary technical support for its realization, the cost of which is not to exceed a mutually agreed upon amount.

2.   W.A.G.E has proposed the production of an online tool that sets rates of compensation for online commissions according to living wage standards determined by the place of residence of the commissioned artist. Additional criteria may be established and agreed upon through subsequent research and/or resulting from a public discussion scheduled to take place at 12pm on March 7, 2015 at e-flux in New York City.

2.1. On the basis of the aforementioned commissioning specifications, W.A.G.E. shall create the following for the Dossier section of art-agenda: a digital tool (exact title to be defined, and from now on referred to as “online tool”) intended to calculate the price of commissioned online artworks, to be conceived and tested by W.A.G.E. and produced with the technical support of art-agenda, the cost of which is not to exceed a mutually agreed upon amount.

2.2. W.A.G.E. maintains full copyright over the online tool, which will be available to those who have internet access.

2.3. In cooperation with art-agenda and a subcontracted web developer, W.A.G.E. will oversee the design of the online tool, which shall be ready and fully operative by a date to be defined in late Spring 2015. art-agenda shall cover all expenses associated with its development and will arrange for W.A.G.E. to have access to the necessary technical support, the cost of which is not to exceed a mutually agreed upon amount.

2.4. The online tool will be hosted on art-agenda’s website and maintained by art-agenda’s technical team for a minimum of five years, after which the agreement may be revised. It may also be hosted on W.A.G.E.’s website but must include mention of its origin as a commission by art-agenda.

2.5. The online tool may be used freely, without charge, and anonymously. Neither W.A.G.E. nor art-agenda will retain records or track the data or identities of those who use it.

3.   art-agenda agrees to follow the compensation standards established by the tool for all online commissions produced for its Dossier section.

4.   In consideration of the proposed online tool, and prior to the establishment of any standards for online commissioning projects, art-agenda shall pay W.A.G.E. 800 USD by check or via Paypal when W.A.G.E gives art-agenda notice that the work is complete.

5.   Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice and shall be entitled to retain and receive payment for work done in pursuance of this Agreement up to the date of receipt of such notice, and to retain all rights and title to the online tool.

6.   This contract is subject to revision by W.A.G.E. and art-agenda in accordance with changes to the project that may occur during its development.

Date: 05.03.2015

Signed: and  

Founded in 2008, Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) is a New York-based activist organization whose advocacy is currently focused on regulating the payment of artist fees by nonprofit art institutions and establishing a sustainable model for best practices between artists and the institutions that contract their labor.

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