Dennis Oppenheim: Body to Performance 1969-73 published by Skira Milan

Courtesy Skira. 

Dennis Oppenheim: Body to Performance 1969-73

Available January 10, 2017

The Dennis Oppenheim Estate is pleased to announce the publication of Dennis Oppenheim: Body to Performance: 1969-73, co-authored by Nick Kaye and Amy Van Winkle Oppenheim. Published by Skira Milan, the monograph will be distributed by Rizzoli International Publications in the USA, Canada, Central America and South America and elsewhere in the world by Thames and Hudson, London. Research for this scholarly publication took place at the Dennis Oppenheim Studio/Archive, the Museum of Modern Art Archives in New York and University of Exeter, UK. The Dennis Oppenheim Studio/Archive will provide free distribution for scholarly research, on request.

Organized chronologically, the book provides a comprehensive account of the groundbreaking performance work recorded in video, film, photography and installation. The artist’s statements and notebooks are embedded within the chronology. The sequence follows the artist’s personal development from his use of body as subject and object, in Reading Position for Second Degree Burn, 1970 to works using material from the body, to the engagement of his family and later by displacement as he directed others in conceptual performance.

A substantial critical essay by Nick Kaye Professor of Performance Studies at the University of Exeter, UK titled: “The body as material of thought: energy, time and performance in Dennis Oppenheim’s Conceptual Art,” explores how Oppenheim’s procedures enacted a radical critique of the conventional material and conceptual limits of both sculpture and performance.

The essay is augmented by a contemporaneous interview made possible by newly transcribed audio recordings at the Museum of Modern Art Archives, Avalanche Magazine Archives. 

Published by Skira Milan
988-88-572-3032-0 (Trade edition)
988-88-572-3040-6 (Dennis Oppenheim Estate edition)
Dimensions: 24 x 30 cm
Pages 296
Colour Illustrations: 55
b/w Illustrations: 81
Binding: Hardcover



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