Flash Art Italia no. 333


Flash Art Italia no. 333

May–June 2017


We are pleased to announce that the May–June 2017 edition of Flash Art Italia is now available at kiosks and selected bookstores throughout Italy.

Special on documenta 14 and Skulptur Projekte
Edited by Alex Estorick

Monika Szewczyk and Hendrik Folkerts on documenta 14; South as a State of Mind; Every Time a Ear di Soun / documenta 14 radio program; Keimena / documenta 14 public TV; Britta Peters, Kasper König and Marianne Wagner on Skulptur Projekte, Münster.

Africa is the Future Ivan Bargna in conversation with Elvira Dyangani Ose, Iolanda Pensa and Marco Scotini

In primo Piano
Vincenzo Agnetti by Paola Nicolin

Roberto Cuoghi by Charlotte Laubard
“Whereas other artists delegate production to skilled craftsmen and technicians as a matter of course, Cuoghi insists on learning these various processes himself, necessitating months or even years of intense learning. The approach suggests a kind of passionate, do-it-yourself heroism. But it also and above all affirms the total autonomy of the working process.”
–Charlotte Laubard 

Giosetta Fioroni interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Liu Xiaodong interviewed by Alex Estorick

Maria Lai by Barbara Casavecchia

Massimo Grimaldi interviewed by Michele D’Aurizio

In Bilico
Linea terra: Pino Pascali, Gianfranco Baruchello, Massimo Bartolini by Simone Ciglia

Amalia Del Ponte, Museo del Novecento / Studio Francesco Messina, Milan; Spencer Finch, Lisson, Milan; Pascali Sciamano, Fondazione Carriero, Milan; Birdhead, Gluck50, Milan; Luca Maria Patella, Laura Bulian, Milan; Marcello Morandini, MAGA, Gallarate (VA); Giorgio Morandi and Tacita Dean, Palazzo Te, Mantua; Piotr Skiba, Giorgio Galotti, Turin; Bruno Munari, Palazzo Pretorio, Cittadella (PD); Martino Genchi, Michela Rizzo, Venice; Ettore Sottsass, Le Stanze del Vetro, Venice; Louise Guerra, C+N Canepaneri, Genoa; Profanation, de’Foscherari, Bologna; Bruna Esposito, Stefania Miscetti, Rome; Alek O., Frutta, Rome; Louise Bourgeois, Trisorio, Naples; Andres Serrano, Alfonso Artiaco, Naples; Cécile Hummel, Francesco Pantaleone, Palermo.

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