Winter/spring 2018 programs and publications

The Merchant House, Amsterdam / Netherlands

February 1, 2018
The Merchant House
Herengracht 254
1016 BV Amsterdam

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Exhibition projects

At Art Rotterdam Commonities:
Super Drawings from TMH Program: André de Jong & Hilarius Hofstede
Booth C8, February 8–11, 2018
The work of these two master draftsmen has been part of our exhibitions since 2014. In their idiosyncratic ways, they address the global cultural consciousness by raising urgent culture vs. nature questions.

Making Things Happen: French Young Artists—Remix I
Elsa Tomkowiak, Sylvie Bonnot, Mary Sue, Zhu Hong
February 2–March 25, 2018
The trajectory of the canal house includes a major art-historical moment when Dutch private citizens supplanted the privileged religious and royal power patrons as connoisseurs and collectors of art. The collective experience of this given space in relation to the past, and to TMH’s ongoing problematic as a contemporary gallery, continues in the Remix of the first two exhibitions of Making Things Happen.

Making Things Happen: Young Artists in Dialogue III
Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng
April 20–July 8, 2018
How does a young artist insert him or herself into the history of an art medium? With their collaboration, Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng conclude our Making Things Happen cycle of six young French artists who share geography, art education, and attitude to their craft. The project is conceived by Marsha Plotnitsky, TMH Founding Artistic Director, in collaboration with art writer and curator Hubert Besacier.

Talks and music

Saturday, February 10, 3–5pm
TMH Talk at Art Rotterdam: Meet the Artists
With André de Jong and Hilarius Hofstede
Art fair admission

Friday, February 16, 7–9pm
TMH Music: In Tune with Making Things Happen
With Frances-Marie Uitti, cello

Saturday, March 24, 3–5pm
TMH Talk: On Collecting
Open conversation with guest speakers

Friday, April 20, 7–9pm
Opening: Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng

Saturday, May 26, 3–5pm
TMH Talk: Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng
Open conversation with guest speakers

Friday, July 6, 7–9pm
Catalogue event: Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng

TMH publications

Making Things Happen: Young Artists in Dialogue
Catalogues/artists’ books of the 2017/18 cycle
Sylvie Bonnot, Zhu Hong, Elsa Tomkowiak, Mary Sue, Boris Chouvellon, Mengzhi Zheng

Catalogues/artists’ books reprints
André de Jong, Hilarius Hofstede

The Merchant House (TMH)
The Merchant House presents contemporary art in a project-based curated program with sales of art as a funding strategy. Established in 2012 by Marsha Plotnitsky, Artistic Director, it is a modern take on the Amsterdam tradition of a merchant. The program aims to contribute to artists’ careers, to participate in international art historical discourse, and to stimulate a vibrant cultural dialogue in the city of Amsterdam. TMH has showcased international and Dutch innovators, such as Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven, André de Jong, Chuck Close, Carolee Schneemann, Hilarius Hofstede, Craigie Horsfield, Judit Reigl, and Pino Pinelli. Each exhibition is accompanied by related cultural and research events and extensive catalogues as documentation.

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Entry to exhibitions and events at The Merchant House is free

Program funded by art sales

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