Thomas Bayrle’s “Camera degli Sposi – (after Mantegna)” at DIRIMART, Istanbul


December 16, 2010


November 25 – December 31, 2010

Abdi Ipekci Caddesi 7/4
Nısantası 34367
Istanbul, Turkey

Thomas Bayrle’s “Camera degli Sposi – (after Mantegna)” can be viewed in Dirimart between November 26th – December 31st. The German artist produces works that comment on popular culture, politics and historical culture.

Bayrle explains his works for the exhibition “Camera degli Sposi – (after Mantegna)”; I am returning after forty years with Sex and Rock n’ Roll… Sixteen works were printed in the 1970′s with the name “Feuer im Weizen/Fire in the Wheat” in Maerz Verlag, now they are back with big serigraphy prints. I am an old man now and I find it necessary to bring back “sex”, which has been around forever and will continue to be for eternity. The name for my new, bigger prints is “Camera degli Sposi” – (After Mantegna). Mantegna is the famous painter who painted the frescoes of Palazzo Ducale in Mantova. The title refers to the work in Palazzo Ducal and to the artist Andrea Mantegna.”

“Camera degli sposi” alludes to the wedding band, the ring, marriage and the married couple. The theme of sex that is used in this exhibition is tied to the alluded subjects. Mantegna would use illusion in his wall paintings; it is possible to notice an illusion that is similar in Bayrle’s works.

The artist’s series created are quite striking and unusual for the Germany of 1970′s. For Germany held quite a conservative stand in socio-cultural setting. Oswald Kolle’s enlightening fılms about sexuality as well as Kontret’s , a conservative magazine of the time, adding pornographic images and articles about sex, to improve the circulation after East Germany’s support has faded, have both contributed immensely to the sexual revolution of the conservative Germany. Günther Amendt’s “Sexfront” from the 1970′s was a book published in Germany with sex content. All these events were a turning point for Germany and an inspirational source for Bayrle. Now, Thomas Bayrle re-comments on the series that unroll the socio-politic attitude of that time.

The exhibition opening on November 25th can be viewed throughout November 26th to December 31st in Dirimart.

For further information: 212.291.3434