Bye, Bye and Hello - 40 Years Deweer Gallery.

Bye, Bye and Hello—40 Years Deweer Gallery

Deweer Gallery, Zwevegem / Belgium

September 25–December 15, 2019
September 2, 2019

Opening: September 22, 11am–6pm exhibition viewing, 3pm opening remarks and reception (please RSVP by September 6)

Deweer Gallery
Tiegemstraat 6A
8553 Zwevegem

T +32 56 64 48 93
[email protected]

1700 dreams, now tangible for everyone
Even among art experts, it is hardly known: after 40 years, Deweer Gallery holds 1700 art treasures. This impressive collection will be fully disclosed for the first time this autumn: live through a retrospective exhibition and digital.

A story of dreams and unwavering faith
What began in the mid-1970s as a passion for collecting art soon developed into a gallery in 1979. For 40 years now, Deweer Gallery’s DNA ("Daily Natural Attitude") has been captured in the credo: believing in the dreams of artists.

This autumn, you can become acquainted with those dreams tangibly. The retrospective exhibition 40 Years Deweer Gallery also includes a digital opening of 1700 works of art and many surprises that the gallery will share with the public. Gerald Deweer raises a corner of the veil: “It is impossible to physically exhibit our entire collection, but visitors are given the opportunity to digitally admire as well as purchase every work of art. Isn’t that wonderful? 1700 dreams that are now accessible to everyone!”

“It’s not just an exhibition—it’s a revelation.”

How does a gallery collect 1700 works of art?
After 4 decades, Deweer Gallery has an impressive collection of 1700, often historical, works of art. The size of this sumptuous collection is a consequence of the purchasing policy. Founder Mark Deweer discovered young talent starting out, provided support and developed long-term relationships with the artists. Today, Mark Deweer’s sons and successors, Gerald and Bart Deweer, keep this philosophy at the centre of the business.

Mark often acquired the integral exhibitions that he organised—usually on his own initiative, but also often at an artist’s request. Gerald and Bart continue this strategy.

In the early years, there were often no sales opportunities, neither in Otegem, nor elsewhere in Belgium. So, until 2006, even though it had grown into an important company, Deweer Gallery remained a hobby. Moreover, Mark Deweer was not wholly interested in selling the works of art—which also partly explains the size of the collection.

Discover the 1700 art pieces and get your bonus at the exhibition or digitally starting September 23 at 11am: login via