Cover: Aldo Tambellini, Lumagram, Internal Series, 1965–68. Hand painted glass slides. Courtesy Aldo Tambellini Art Foundation.

Issue 347: "Intermedialità"

Flash Art Italia

December 16, 2019
December 16, 2019
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­This issue of Flash Art, titled Intermedialità, examines the medium as a polysemous entity, taking up the concept as coined by Dick Higgins (Intermedia Chart, 1966) and reconsidering it in an essay by Patrizio Peterlini — a discourse that also reminds us how Flash Art has chronicled Fluxus, visual poetry, and concrete poetry since their birth.

The medium, which from the 1990s on was conceived as an expanded field that exists independently from subject matter, is now being reconceived in environmental and immersive ways by a generation of younger artists.

As we survey sixty years of artistic hybridizations between art, film, music, and club culture, we consider pioneering figures like Aldo Tambellini — the electromedia artist and theorist who pursued a career-long meditation on the color black — as well as Jonas Mekas and Friedrich Kittler.

Also in this issue: “Club Culture and Visual Arts in Italy: Piper Club in Turin,” Pink FloydHaris EpaminondaPablo Bronstein, Nicola Martini, Anthea Hamilton, Carola Bonfili.

Reviews: Gaia Fugazza – Haroon Mirza; The Parrinos; Cesare Viel; Inge Mahn; Richard Artschwager; Francesco Gennari; Berlinde De Bruyckere; Hans Hartung; Emilio Prini; Jannis Kounellis; Piero Manai; Luca Vitone; Joan Capote; Who Knows One; Wilfredo Prieto; Robert Morris; Sublimi Anatomie; Peter Fend

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