Siembra (sowing)

kurimanzutto, Mexico City

February 8, 2020
February 13, 2020
Gob. Rafael Rebollar 94, Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec
11850 Mexico City,

T +52 55 5256 2408
[email protected]

Haegue Yang, Gabriel Orozco, Eduardo Abaora, Daniella Rossell & Galen Jackson, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Dr. Lakra, Minerva Cuevas

How might we reimagine kurimanzutto after its 20 years of existence?

How can we propose a different way of experiencing time?

What place does the gallery occupy in the world, the country, and within each of the communities to which it belongs?

What permeates its surroundings and what will shape its future?

Art asks questions, it doesn’t give answers.

Over the course of 2020, kurimanzutto will formulate questions that have emerged after having undergone various cycles. Siembra/Sowing is the project with which the gallery proposes an exhibition rhythm of its own, one that reflects the pace of the crop by emphasizing the biodiversity, permeability of periods of growth, and the importance of variety, all necessary in permaculture: the intelligent and respectful use of the soil for the benefit of all. The experiment in the gallery prioritizes the particularity of the creative processes of each of the artists participating in this long-term ecosystem.

Just as different species complement one another by sharing the same soil and nourishing it in return, the exhibitions within Siembra cohabit the gallery and respond to the context in which they are being developed. The project puts forth a biodiverse and vibrant landscape in which various timeframes converge and become nourished by the porosity of ideas, without the expectation of predetermined results. The gallery is divided into seven independent and interconnected spaces where individual exhibitions of the artists who will be joining the programming will be on display. Each artistic proposition will have a distinct duration depending on the artist’s process and will serve to create fortuitous and fertile mental connections. Siembra views the gallery as a field in which time and space promote diverse dialogues.

The artists of the first Siembra are:
room 1: Haegue Yang—Dress Vehicle / Eclectic Totemic
room 2: Gabriel Orozco—Veladoras Arte Universal
room 3: Eduardo Abaroa—Collector’s Series
room 4: Daniela Rossell and Galen Jackson—La Computadora de la Conexión/ Computer with an Internet Connection
room 5: Wendy Cabrera Rubio—Salón de arte panamericano
room 6: Dr. Lakra—Untitled
room 7: Minerva Cuevas—The Story of a Mountain, the History of a Country