The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

The Glass Room

January 8, 2021
January 8, 2021
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What happens when you increasingly rely on social media and the internet for nearly all your information? What news do you see and what do you miss? How do you know if a tweet is genuine or truthful? And what can you do if you can’t be sure?

Tactical Tech’s newest exhibition, The Glass Room Misinformation Edition, explores misinformation in all its forms. The exhibition, which is available in 10 languages, has been hosted as an in-person pop-up exhibition in schools, libraries and community spaces all over the world. It can also be visited and experienced in full online.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition consists of a series of interactive apps, short films and visual elements that can be hosted in public or private spaces anywhere in the world. The exhibits explore how social media and the web have changed the way you read information and react to it. Learn why spotting “fake news” is not as easy as it sounds, and how the term “fake news” is as much a problem as the news it describes. Dive into the world of deepfakes, which are now so realistic that they are virtually impossible to detect. Find out why social media platforms are designed to keep you hooked, and how they can be used to change your mind. The Glass Room Misinformation Edition also includes a Data Detox Kit, which features simple steps and practical tools to reduce your digital traces and help you take control of your digital life.

About The Glass Room
The Glass Room is a large-scale, award-winning exhibition on technology and society that has been presented in Berlin, London, New York and San Francisco. The portable version of The Glass Room, The Glass Room Community Edition, has been hosted in 47 countries worldwide, and visited by over 219,000 people.

About Tactical Tech
Tactical Tech is an international NGO that works with citizens and civil society to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition was curated and developed by Tactical Tech, in collaboration with the IFLA and Save the Children Italia, and co-funded by the European Union. For more information contact press [​at​]

Visit the online exhibition. Interested in hosting? Read the call for hosts.